Wondering About Your iBook Chart Positions Across Territories?

Was told about a super cool site this morning by Lisa Scott via KB (http://bookchart.info/).

It drove me crazy that I could not see how I was doing on iBooks across territories (sure I'm not the only one), as I love iBooks, it's the number one eStore and buying/eReading experience of my choice, and to do well there (regardless of sales figures) is a huge personal aspiration of mine. Now I can see! And I've learnt that I have grabbed number one spots on six different occasions with some of my books, and I didn't even know (the first and only one I'd known about was Die, My Love in UK).

Demon Girl
Demon Girl has appeared on the charts 1361 times.
It has appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK, USA. It has appeared on the Children & Teens , Fantasy , Fiction , Sci-Fi & Fantasy genre charts.

Best Performances
iTunes Australia Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books on 14 May, 2011
iTunes Canada Fantasy Books on 4 September, 2011
iTunes Canada Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books on 4 September, 2011
iTunes Germany Fantasy Books on 4 September, 2011
iTunes Australia Fantasy Books on 1 July, 2011

Raro! Espeluznante! Extraño! La Piel Que Habito.

Warning: Contains Major Spoilers and May Disturb. 15+.

La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In). Cool, clean, textured *lusty sigh*. This film is stunning, and aesthetically pleasing. Sinister throughout the music is quite lovely, it reminded me of the Psycho film score at some points.

There is a doctor ... a bit crazy in the eyes but we can forgive him that. After all, he is a debonair Antonio Banderas huskily speaking Spanish. We immediately meet his his young captive, Vera (Elena Anaya), a haunting young woman with a gorgeous face wearing a dreadful nude colored body sock. It becomes apparent she is a lonely prisoner in The Doctor's (Banderas) home and seems to be experiencing Stockholm syndrome.

We get some backstory nicely presented to us in a well ordered flashback and meet The Doctors daughter (who in the present of this film is dead). This disturbed young girl is medicated to the eyeballs, and bat shit crazy (everybody in this film has mental problems). Her mother (The Doctors wife) committed suicide in front of her as a child, as she was horribly burned and disfigured from a car accident and left a crispy husk of the beautiful woman she once was. This is why The Doctor develops an obsession with skin.

Indies Kick Ass on iBooks UK

I want to highlight how many indies are rocking the iBooks UK charts at the moment.

This is the Featured SciFi section, but you can see a substantial amount of indie titles in most of the categories, and if you actually click on the Top 100 charts it is amazing how strong the indie presence is.