New Release: Bite, My Love

From £2.50/$3.99

The Vampire dumped on Pack land is a handsome devil. Bringing him home to meet my Alpha is risky, but something tells me I'm going to need him around. Lycanthropes and Vampires don't mix. So why do I insist on keeping him close to me? Why do I dream about him biting me?

Bite, My Love is the sequel to Die, My Love. As most of my books are it's a full length novel, paranormal romance, and written in first person present tense. The second installment in the Dark Creature series is vastly different from the first. This time we're seeing the world from the perspective of Harmony (a Lycan) rather than Lee, two very different women.

It's available on Amazon, Smashwords and direct from my website. Coming to other eRetailers soon.