Kindle Edition: The Demon Girl

The Revised Digital Edition of The Demon Girl is back in the Kindle Store. The price fluctuates between free and £2.21/$2.99. At the moment it's free, so if you have a Kindle, indulge me ;) I downloaded it to check the formatting and was surprised that this time you can navigate to the "Book Extras" section and view cool information from Shelfari (Kindle for iPhone screenshots to the left). There are a brief bio's on the book characters, a glossary of terms, a super short synopsis, memorable quotes, and an advisory note for parents detailing the levels of violence and sexual references. There's even a series tab, so once the other books are published readers can download in a few clicks. The reviews in the US store never picked up before I removed it, but the UK was better, which surprised me ... overall 90% of my bad reviews come from Amazon. Maybe (fingers crossed) it'll go smoother this time around.

Feedbooks Reporting

A bit of fun this afternoon. Here is a snapshot of where The Demon Girl has been downloaded from around the world via The reporting on the site is just wonderful. I get real time stats of where the book has been downloaded and a breakdown of browser client, download quantity per day,  what file format is most popular (ePub accounts for 93% when it comes to my book) via an aesthetically pleasing GUI. The site is user friendly, and the range of books is wonderful. 45% of my 10k downloads are from the United States, 11% from the United Kingdom. I work for a technology company and have a decent understanding of the dev work that can go behind such reporting functions (albeit we deal with parameters that are slightly more complex), I am most impressed.

The Demon Girl on WattPad

It’s been just over one month since The Demon Girl was posted on WattPad, and boy oh boy do I have an update to deliver.

The story is now Featured alongside other impressive works, and the response is wonderful. I feel all warm and fuzzy. Ah, I started a thread to see if anybody would be interested in putting forward a few lines of their poetry to introduce my ten chapters, and I've got some really good ones. I've posted them below, so beautiful. I’ll be posting links to the poets profiles on my website shortly. I’ll definitely be doing the same thing early Spring for the sequel. Anyway, The Demon Girl passed 14,000 reads! I'm thrilled, and pleased to be a part of the community. 

I want to give a shout out to @TheShadowThief and @Archleone for wonderful reviews of the Demon Girl and fabulous WIP’s. I've enjoyed reading @Archleone's the Knight Casefiles: Revelations, which is told by Christopher, a champion of humanity chosen to wield the power of a powerful sword called Gram. Christopher’s witty personality is fun to read, but the various supernatural elements, like a fierce Valkryie warrior for a guardian, keeps things interesting. And @TheShadowThief's The Eternal Winter, a story told from the P.O.V of a wolf, a story that captured my imagination and had me thinking about the story at random times over the last few weeks. Lastly, I want to mention @Warrior_Prophet who’s poetry I can’t get out of my head, in particular this poem, Pledge of the White Night.

I do try to respond to everyone who fans me, but they get queued with comments on other sites, tweets, emails, facebook and goodreads comments (gasp), but I will respond to answer any questions and say thank you as soon as I can, so bear with me.


For the ten chapters of The Demon Girl, ten lines loaned from original poems penned by WattPad members;

“But I will never know you. Or follow you. Or trust you” - You Lie by @fifi1621

“The sadness it engulfs me, the darkness can it tempt me? My heart bleeds black.” - Dizzy Darkness by @autumn_duskflame

“A feeling of uncertainty. The endless confusion. An unstoppable, most unhealthy feeling that one should endure." - Love by @cryingfarie

“Hear them all cry! I told you there is a monster inside.” - Monster by @light

“They are relentless in virtue, mauling and changing me into, something new, someone new.” - Filling In The Holes by @orangeooo

“It hurts as I walk a million miles on broken glass. For you, it feels like I walk on soft grass.” - Pieces of Poetry by @uniquenotuseful

I take up the sword and I take up the lance. And prepare for the mountains that I have to climb.” - Love has become my Religion by @Warrior_Prophet

“Starved, bruised, dejected. Nobody loves the broken and dying.”  - Silent Scream by @razzberrykisses

“And now they're gone, lost ... hidden in forgotten paradises in the corners of your mind.”  - Decisive Moments by @ioannanestoridi

The Sun will once again shine bright. Know this, that I have championed for the light!” - Pledge of the White Knight by @Warrior_Prophet

A Gargantuan 17,000

Well, at least I think it is. The Demon Girl has had over 17,000 downloads. In two months. I have a yummy number of reads on WattPad as well (11,000, but more on that tomorrow), and the Goodreads reviews are taking off. Gobsmacked. Not back in the Kindle store as yet, which blows, but hopefully it'll be back up by the new year.

Now the important bit, the print and revised digital edition I. Have. Finished. Reading. The. Copy. Edited. MS. And. I. Am. So. Excited. I. Can. Hardly. Breathe. Distribution starts as soon as I nail down a few loose ends. I’ll write a note in the book description of the digital edition so people know it’s the revised one. I'm hoping that the reviews smacking me upside the head over copy-editing will die off (yeah, die) around … April 2011... once the readers who have the old version finish flogging me. Then those who read the revised edition should have nothing to say but how much they like it. To date no one has said they don't like the story. My face the day someone does ––> o_o

I appreciate the people who contact me via the website to say how much they love the book and inquire after its print edition or sequel. You have no idea how it feels when I read your words. I also grin like a loon when people comment on my Facebook page. I don’t know why, I just do. The level of response I'm getting on this blog is amazing too. Overnight I went from rambling into the oblivion that is cyberspace like a nutcase, to people actually reading and commenting.

Now a quick update on the sequel, A Demon Day. My word count hit 35k last night. I swear, I am freaking loving writing this book. I got stuff happening no one is going to see coming. This book is focused on fleshing out the Clerics/Disciples and Temple life. Rae’s past is explored, and we get a better understanding of how she’s coping with the changes to her life and body. We meet the shifters, and lesser characters like Ana, Conall and Maeve come into their own. The situation between Rae, Breandan and Tomas reaches breaking point. Snap, snap.

So yes, Miss Fletcher is almost manic with delight right now. Not even the occasional bad review can bring me down … much.

Relocation, relocation....

Is a b***h. I'm going to have zero internet for about 14 days until BT sort themselves out, and think I am going to die ... at the very least experience intense withdrawal symptoms. My books were lovingly packed in their boxes and fragile stickers stamped all over them (um, my boyfriend thinks I am crazy). And yes, I did pack the rest of the house too. These last few weeks has been testing; working nine to five, renovating a house, writing, keeping up with the amazing response to TDG, packing a home I'm reluctant to leave, telling my mother I still love her even when I don't phone twice a day ... sigh. All that said a part of me is excited to be moving, and my other half has done a great job running point when renovating our new home. I am looking forward to a peaceful and restful new year. 

I got the revised copy back for TDG, so am properly excited. Once I've read through and accepted/rejected changes I can upload to Smashwords to filter through the systems, and get the Print Edition finalized. Next week sometime I'll update my stats on downloads, reads, and general tom foolery.