New Release: Bedevil

Okay. It's difficult to explain where this book came from as it wasn't on my writing schedule. It lurked in the back of my mind and wouldn't go away. Other writers know how distracting that can be. So I wrote it. Ta Da! It turned out much longer than expected (two normal sized books in one).

There is quite bit of humour, lots of quintessential Britishness and a sprinkling of paranormal (cause I looove supernatural stuff).

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After a car accident strips Ebenezer Royale the use of his lower limbs his high flying lifestyle comes to a crashing halt. When Boudicca Cane wanders into the wrong place at the right time, they strike up an odd friendship that blossoms into love. Their relationship isn’t conventional, bloody bonkers at times, but it works. When they pause their sexy time to come up for air, they discover the Cane and Royale families are struggling to adjust. Boudicca’s adoptive father doesn’t like change, Ebenezer’s brothers either lust after or despise her and his parents suspect her of being a gold digger. 

As life takes a turn for the better, odd, inexplicable things happen, all leading back to the woman of Ebenezer’s dreams. Black animals circle the house, a mysterious stranger stalks her reflection in the mirror, and apples float by an unseen force. Eben and Bo believe getting their families to rub along is the only thing standing in the way of everlasting happiness. But a powerful force has turned its evil eye on the mismatched couple. Between food fights, curses, and Shakespearian verses, will Boudicca and Ebenezer get their crazy ever after? Contemporary romance with a hint of magic. Contains profanity and sexual situations! Standalone. Plus length novel (144,000 words/aprox 735 pages).