Sideload (Your Legally Purchased eBooks) Onto Kindle/Nook

A few emails have shown me people are not sure how to Sideload eBooks! You need to be able to do so if you shop Smashwords or my eStore. I've summarized the process into five easy steps (and found some insightful YouTube videos): Sideload

Once you've done this process from start to finish once, and are used to it, you can literally do this in minutes. I have added a version of these instructions to my store, and a link in the download email to the instructions (for future reference). 

Letter To My Readers....

An update for you all on a few things.
Demon Dark….
Book Three of the Rae Wilder novels (Demon Dark) is delayed by a month.

The delay came because I quit my job in June, thinking I had enough time to sort everything out that I needed to by September. However, I ended up agreeing to work in my old job for an additional 3 months. I tried to cram everything “bookish” outside my normal working hours, but despite working as hard as I could, I did not make it *sad face*.

This impacted everything, a nasty ripple of delays across the board. Die My Love was released two weeks late, book reviews were posted late, all my planned posting was rearranged into bizarre chaos. I’m still trying to streamline and adjust to my new life which after 5 years of routine has turned upside down, so bear with me. 

Things get delayed all the time, and I’m now realizing it’s so hard to catch up! No wonder TFL (British tube/rail company) is always in such a mess.

Anyway, I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing I honestly forget that people are quite literally checking everyday and waiting for my stuff to come out. So, I'm off focusing on a story (this is always the main reason behind my social media quietness) and people are tearing their hair out over where my books are.