Author Interview with Katie Salidas

I have another author visiting today who took some time out to chatter with me. *grins* 

Dearest Katie, something random, yet crucial to begin with, what is your favorite chocolate bar?
Oooh, give me a Caramello. I just love the chocolaty and caramelly goodness. Plus the fact it’s broken into squares makes it easy for me to ration as I write. LoL. Incentive to finish scenes. It’s like a Pavlovian response. Open up MS Word and I instantly crave chocolate and caramel. Ha!
*unwraps chocolate bar* Okay, serious stuff now, the eBook: what are your thoughts on where they will take the publishing industry?
We are moving toward digital everything these days. It makes sense that the ereader will rise up and become the dominant method of reading.  When I say dominant though, I don’t mean it will ever kill off print. Print will never die, but ereaders are going to be here for a long while and their functionality will continue to grow. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years they are a common piece of school equipment.  

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Tell us about yourself and your journey as an Indie Author.
Self-Publishing wasn’t an easy decision, that’s for sure. Like all new writers, I originally envisioned J.K. Rowling-like fame. I was going to write a series that would have readers clamoring for more. The reality is so much farther from the truth but it’s those initial fantasies that had me chomping at the bit to get my debut novel, Immortalis Carpe Noctem out into the world.

Lunar Light, Wikipedia & Die, My Love

Lunar Light is definitely my more obscure work. I think all of the Beautiful Damned novellas will be in comparison to my young adult titles, because in honesty, they are weird, and don't follow the norms we have in Paranormal Romance today. 

The cover got a redesign so it fits in with the new releases, and I've added the letters 'bdn' in the top right hand corner to signal when a book is part of that collection. 

To date Lunar Light has sold over 1,300 copies (at $0.99/£0.70) across all eStores since it's release in March this year, which was much more than I was expecting (I kept hearing on the grapevine novellas and novelettes don't sell well).

It's free now for Nook, iBooks and Smashwords in preparation of the releases of Die, My Love and Silverlance.

You can read an extract of Die, My Love on this blog in the 'Next Release' section.

Kindle INDIEpendance Day Giveaway!

For the Kindle INDIEpendance Day Giveaway I am doing in conjunction with seventeen other Authors, I'm featuring some of the books available, as they are pretty fabulous, and there is such a diverse range of books available.  

May Kindle Sales Figures ... If You Were Curious

Have not done a sales analysis in a while, so figured I would do my Kindle sales for May. At the end of June I’ll revisit May when I get all my Smashwords reporting in and we can compare Kindle against iBooks.

So, May was my best month on Kindle ever sales wise. The stats are a little weird because Demon Girl was free for most of it.

Author Interview with Ian Kharitonov

It's not often I get to flaunt an award winning book on here *haughty face* Okay, this is the first time XD. This book featured today won the Grandmaster Award from the Clive Cussler Collector's Society. I had never heard of it before, but I've read up on it and am impressed. An achievement like this must be a massive buzz. And bonus! Ian is lovely, so I am happy to bring this interview to Fiction Fierce:

Ian, tell us all about the world of you (in 50 words or less, lol).
It's a world where heroes and villains are all too real.

Do you consider writing your passion or your profession?
Both. A passion that has grown into my primary profession.

That last answer was short but sweet, I'm feeling the passion ;) Any Indie/Writers blogs you think we should be following?
In my genre, Megalith is a great source for all things action-adventure (

This question is fast becoming a staple on this blog ... Facebook is it fundamental to an Indie Author of the sixth sign of the apocalypse?
Facebook is a handy tool for promotion, but there's a measure for everything--don't forget that you are first and foremost a writer. So your main activity should be writing. Later, Facebook will help you be closer to your readers.

Demon Day ... Nook Top 200

Not the Top 100. It took me most of the week to not feel upset about this. It reached 191 and then dropped down. It would have been so nice *sigh* Maybe it'll happen with book three in September as I continue to grow my readership. At the moment it's settled in the Top 300.

Okay, personal disappointment aside, this is still awesome. Within a day my book climbed to that position in the chart and five days later still does not even have a cover. Again, took me several days to not be upset about that. I am unhappy B&N have just flung the title up like that. Covers help sell books, and five days is too long to not have one. I cannot understand why they would be so careless in such a thing. Smashwords has asked I wait a week before they give them a nudge, so I will.