Author Interview with Kathleen Valentine

It's time to swoon! Romance. *lusty sigh* I have a great guest for you today. Here is my interview with Kathleen Valentine author of Each Angel Burns;

Hello Kathleen, can you tell me a little about yourself?
I grew up in central Pennsylvania and both of my parents were avid readers. From the time I was a kid I thought writing books had to be the most important thing that anyone could do just because my parents were such book lovers. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in art and spent most of my working life as a graphic artist. I did a lot of commercial writing but it wasn't until about 10 years ago that I started writing fiction. Most of my career I worked in the advertising and marketing departments of large corporations but in 2002 my brother died and I realized that I wasn't going to live forever. I left my job in an engineering firm and started a small graphic design business -- and I started writing. It's been a very good way of life for me, not as lucrative as the corporate world but much happier.

What are your thoughts on the saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? As a writer do you agree with this?
That's an interesting question and, of course, it is true. But what you have to remember is that with a picture those thousand words will describe what is going on in the imagination of the viewer. In writing, those thousand words belong to you. Actually, it would be rather an interesting exercise to write a thousand words describing a picture and then ask an artist to paint what your words evoked. It would be fascinating to compare what they paint to the painting that you described, wouldn't it?

Author Interview with Jennifer Rainey

This next interview is with the author of an intriguing book, and after reading a #SampleSunday post a few weeks ago its definitely been bumped higher up on my TBR list. Okay, here is my one to one with Jennifer Rainey, author of These Hellish Happenings.

Hey Jennifer, tell me all about the wonderful world of you.
My name is Jennifer, and I'm an Aquarius, whatever that may mean about my personality. In addition to being a writer, I'm an amateur paranormal investigator. I hold a bachelor's degree in English, and I'm currently employed as a secretary. In addition to all this, I am double-jointed in my thumbs.
What was the last *headdesk* moment you had?
I have too many of those to count. I recently accidentally turned the shower on over my head, leaving me rather cold, wet and uncomfortable. If I'd had a desk anywhere in the immediate area, I would've taken my head to it. 

My Break & Book Updates

I'm off to the Isle of Wight today. I am taking my laptop, and my beloved internet dongle, but I'll pretty much be going underground for six days. I've scheduled in an interview with an Indie Author to post each day :) Now, a few updates before I skip away ....

ParaYourNormal Radio Interview 
This was super fun. It was on late, 11:30 over here on Wednesday, so most people I knew were in bed, lol. I fell asleep on the sofa afterward whilst I was doing a bit of tweeting, but it really was great. You can listen to it on the left hand side of this blog and read the interview here. Hopefully they'll let me back in future :)

Independent Author Network
Please do check out My Page, and the site in general. you can now read excerpts, which will come in handy I think :)

Author Interview with Sidney Williams

I’ve been looking forward to this interview. See that green cover to the right with the clawed hand digging into the green ... stuff ... titled GNELFS? Yep, the author of that fascinating book agreed to be interviewed by me, and here we go!

Tell us all about Sidney. Go!
I’m a story teller. I just am. I have no pretension about that. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager and wrote my first trunk novel in college. I’ve written eight published books. I live in Texas with my wife, Christine. I’m now published by Crossroad Press, which is bringing out my young adult novels and my horror novels for adult readers in e-book form.

When was the last time you laughed and why?
Let’s see. It was probably at something, Ash, the court jester of our cats did. 

Book Trailer, ParaYourNormal Radio Show & Independent Author Network

What have I been doing? Stuff. :)

My Independent Author Network page is up. Isn't it lovely? I'm having a look at profiles and I'm loving the variety. What it's value is to me as an Indie, only time will tell.

I got more amazing feedback on Demon Day. One reader has sent me a three page PDF with her comments and insights into the story. I swear, my fans constantly surprise me. 

Author Interview with L.C. Evans

I do love Women's Fiction. As a girl I would read about the inner conflicts modern women had to face, and be so confused as to why it was such a big deal when the solution was obvious. The older I get the more I see it's not so easy :)  Today, I have L.C. Evans joining me to talk about writing, and her book We Interrupt this Date.

Tell us all about the world of you in fifty words or less.
It has always been my dream to make writing my day job. Now I'm living that dream and working harder than I ever have, but I love it. My husband is very supportive of my writing and that means a lot to me.

Lunar Light for #SampleSunday

Available on Kindle for £0.70/$0.99

Released March 2011 Lunar Light is a bold novella, a glimpse into the mystery of the Wendigo.


Monsters should not walk the daylight, they should cower in the dark. When the full moon haunts the sky, Evangeline prowls the dark as a Wendigo; a fearsome mix of human and beast. The night an injured outcast falls into her claws she must defy her keeper, the laws of nature and her own morality to protect him from the Hunter who wants his head as a trophy. Struggling to reconcile her cannibalistic urges and gentle temperament, Evangeline must move beyond the ancient curse of her ancestors blood, and become legend. A Beautiful Damned Novella. Dark Adult Paranormal Romance. 


OMG OMG OMG Demon Day ARC Feedback!

The first of the feedback for Demon Day ARC has arrived. I just have to post it.

Hiya Penelope,

I just finished Demon Day, and it was AMAZING, seriously. I was like omg at the end. I thought this book would just be Breandan and Rae chasing Devlin, but it wasn't, it was awesome, and I can't believe [REMOVED]!!!

Author Interview with Todd Russell

Things go bump in the dark, and personally I don't think the bumps ever stop being scary. Horror is well horror ... the bloodcurdling screams, the skipped heartbeat ... (yup, I experience these things reading a good horror book). That being said I'm thrusting my hand in the fire again as I have bent the ear of Todd Russell, author of Mental Shrillness, and horror extraordinaire for an interview.

Describe yourself in one word, then tell us why you chose it.
Passionate. Whatever I'm doing in life, work, fun passion is always there. In my writing I experience the character's emotions and get to know these people and feel loss -- like losing a friend -- when their unlucky number is drawn.

Author Interview with Jess C Scott

CyberPunk.  I know what your thinking ... who, what, where, why? Well, ici avec moi aujourd'hui, c'est le très chic Jess C Scott to tell us more about the genre and her latest release The Other Side of Life.

Tell us all about you in one sentence.
I'm an author/artist/non-conformist :)

What's your Chinese Zodiac (example, I'm a water dragon)?
I'm a fire tiger (rawr!). That makes me expressive, vibrant, and a bit eccentric...

Websites, some people think they’re essential to a writer, others a supplement to a blog. What are your thoughts?
I'm in the group that thinks a website is essential to a writer (and/or anyone who wants an "online presence"). I use my blog to share my personal thoughts and perspectives, as and when (for readers/customers to have a glimpse of my personal life). That being said, some people are great at blogging, so just do whatever you love. In the words of the very stylish and wise Tim Gunn: "Make it work!"

110,000 Downloads, Eyeballs & Writing Randomness....

Oh, the last fortnight has been monstrous for me. I am certain I need glasses so have booked an eye exam. Sigh. It’s a pain because the day job requires me to look at a screen all day then I come home and write (more screen time) then I might read (more screen time) … see the problem? I’ve always had great eyes, but I noticed things far away were blurry then earlier in the week things got really blurry, and I got sick again, and was so confused as to why. But I think it’s a case of; bad eyeballs, squints at screen, gets headache, gets migraine (painful!), gets nausea and vertigo. Gah. Ah well, it’s not the end of the world, and I think I’ll look good in glasses, lol.

Author Interview with Rose Gordon

I have a wonderful Indie Author interview to share with you today with Romance writer Rose Gordon. She talks to us about a few key Indie topics, and her Scandalous Sisters series.

Tell me all about you. :)
Not much to say I started writing because I was tired of reading the same fortune hunter plot and thought to put a new twist on an old favorite. From there, I continued because I’d grown attached to the characters I’d created and wanted to discover and tell their stories, too.