New Release: Chaos Theory

(UK £2.52 and US £$4.10)

Kali doesn't know what to make of Blue. His scientific knowledge surpasses genius, and his understanding of the universe is effortless. His mind intrigues her, and his body attracts her in the worst way. Fascinated, Kali accepts when he asks her on a date ... then is abducted by aliens.

Kali escapes captivity to discover earth under attack, and the only thing standing between life and death is Blue, a boy alien to her in every way conceivable.

New release, yay! I haven't blogged in forever, but I've been busy typing. I have a number of books to get out this year, and those babies won't write themselves.

Chaos Theory is a Sci Fi Romance. It follows the story of our main character Blue, and a number of other characters during an alien invasion. 

You can buy it on Kindle now, and it will be available within the month on iBooks and Nook.