Die, My Love Release

A Hair Raising Review:
"I liked what I DID read, but not enough to finish it. I've read all of Penelope's other books and I knew I'd love this, but I didn't. How the book was told was really boring, I understand that it was her thoughts and that's fine, but I'd like some more dialogue. It was driving me INSANE after the second chapter but I pushed on when I was about 50% done I really just couldn't finish it. Maybe I'll finish it later, it wasn;t bad by any means just slowwwww and boring. In my opinion." (3 Stars Kindle US)

A Happy Times Review:
"I really enjoyed this book. It's a little different take on the vampire thing and I like it! I love how it's told through Lee(and what's in her head) and she's an awesome character--I was cracking up at all the stuff she was thinking. It's what would be going through your mind; a lot of the stuff you don't say out loud. It's a great story and perfect set up for the next book. Can't wait, it should be good!!" ( 5 stars Kindle US)

Sooo.... 15 days later I'm announcing the release of Die, My Love, my paranormal romance, which falls into the Beautiful Damned collection. It comes in at 62,000 words. It was brought in at an introductory $0.99, but $2.99 is where it will sit. It’s written in first person present tense and uses S-o-C heavily. If inner monologue bores rather than intrigues you, give it a miss.

iBooks UK> Romance > #1 (Overall #26) for 2 days! Romance is such a cut-throat category so this made me beam with delight.
Nook> Top 700
Kindle UK > Top 2,000
Kindle US > Top 10,000

No promotion goes into these. For my readership to be still be growing at a steady pace is positive. Lunar Light did 150 sales on Kindle in its debut month (March). Die, My Love is nearing 200 on Kindle (1 Deutschland sale, get in there!) and August is a painful month sales wise. Nook/iBook figures will be significantly higher. My readership is definitely growing for these books.

I admit I’m nervous about the reception the book will get when more reviews start coming in. Really nervous. I’ve seen books with a similar narration style get ripped the sh*it out of, but there is nothing to be done. It is what it is. I’ve written the blurb close to the style of the writing to try and give a smoke signal to people before they decide to buy it.
I had to complain to Smashwords about Nook not filling out my page listing properly. Do we remember the 9 day no cover madness on Demon Day? Well, this time they have left of the book description on Die, My Love *facepalm*And considering the description is a key indicator of the writing style I am displeased. It hasn’t stopped too many people buying, my ranking got as high at 600&something, but it’s difficult to analyze what does and doesn’t work when your listings are not complete.

Positives do come from cock ups like this. It tells me;
  • My readers are loyal - loyal enough to buy my books without a description
  • My readers like my covers

Considering this is the second sales affecting issue with my Nook listing I’ve had via Smashwords it has me wondering how Smashwords sends it’s titles to B&N. Do they push them FTP files which are then pulled into a system which creates a listing page? Thinking of how long it takes to distribute, I would think not, as something smooth as that would mean books could be approved and listed with hours not weeks. It would be interesting to have a better understanding of how this works.

In closing, my next Beautiful Damned release will be Aurora Spectre Chronicle (I briefly mentioned this back in March), and it will come out towards the end of this year, month to be confirmed.

If you'd like a review copy of Die, My Love just ask.

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  1. Hi penelope

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of yours, I love all of your books,Demon girl was the first book I ever bought on my kindle and I loved it, it is so origional.Also loved Demon day and can't wait for the next instalment.
    But Lunar light is my fav, it is so different and more grown up than your other books, I devoured it in four hours.Your vocabulary is astonishing, I feel like reading with a pen and pad by my side, so I can pilferage some words from you.love it!
    Have just read Die my love thought it was really good,a different vampire book that stand out against the others.Can't wait to read more:-)