Review: Sex Scene an Anthology

The Gist: Sex. A lot of it.

None of the themes broadened my horizon, and I found that disappointing. That said I found the shorts fell into two groups; delicious/sexy or engaging/disturbing (once you’ve read it try to guess which ones).

Eaten Alive… Well, hell. I just knew the R thing was going to rear up somewhere in this sexual soirĂ©e. I swallowed the scream I usually subject the world to when it comes to reading about the R thing (because I was on the Underground and we British are an unforgiving lot), and enjoyed it, immensely. The pace and structure appealed to me. Islamic Orgasm nudged at the boundaries of my comfort zone, and I admire the writer for taking it that deep. The hypocrisy was unsettling. Recursion made a moderately kinky practice seem taboo, and it was lip bitingly fun to read.

That annoying niggle that had me gritting my teeth? How many times can you read the word ‘f**k’ to express, well, f**king, in its most base form before it gets old? I have discovered my threshold to be four.  

If you have the time, I urge you to read it. The collection was stimulating (I typed that with a straight face), and it did have an impact on me, maybe it will affect you too.

Oh, and the cover is lush.

You can download it HERE

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