Sideload (Your Legally Purchased eBooks) Onto Kindle/Nook

A few emails have shown me people are not sure how to Sideload eBooks! You need to be able to do so if you shop Smashwords or my eStore. I've summarized the process into five easy steps (and found some insightful YouTube videos): Sideload

Once you've done this process from start to finish once, and are used to it, you can literally do this in minutes. I have added a version of these instructions to my store, and a link in the download email to the instructions (for future reference). 


  1. Anonymous4.10.11

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous30.10.11

    I absolutely LOVED the first two books of the Rae Wilder series! Unfortunately my nook doesnt havs demon dark available to download yet.
    You're an incredible author with such an amazing imagination! I'm so captivated and intrigued by your words! Well done. At such a young age I look forward to many future works to come! Thanks for turning my days off into good reads!
    Tori from Baltimore

  3. Melinda16.11.11

    Being that Demon Dark is not yet available on the Nook, can I sideload it from you and still be able to view it on my Nook?