*blinks* Demon Dark Release!


Demon Dark was released yesterday. It's up on Smashwords, Kindle, and available from my eStore now for $3.99.

Distribution to iBooks and Nook will take up to a month once Smashwords approves it, but I honestly can't wait, as I know the main body of my readership are in those two places.

*happy dance*

The cover got a rework as the previous green tint was too cheerful, and this book has a darker tone than the first two ... and I like the blue.

There will be a fourth book called Demon Boy that will take a look at things from the perspective of well, the boys *grins*. You can see the cover for Demon Boy on my website (www.PenelopeFletcher.com/Rae-Wilder).

Kindle US
Kindle UK
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  1. Congrats Pene!! Wooo, exciting stuff :)

  2. Anonymous5.11.11

    Rae Wilder novels, are so good i could not sleep. I am waiting book 4

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    author on amazon
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  3. Rebecca11.11.11

    Can't wait for the third book to come to the iTunes store! I check constantly for your books!

  4. Love it! Keep it up, you are great! Wouldn't change a thing-except add a fourth book...please!;•)

  5. Anonymous16.11.11

    I am anxiously waiting for Demon Dark to become available to Nook! I can't wait! I'm surprised Barnes & Noble is one of the last to get this book, as they have so many users.