Demon Day ... A Kindle UK Top 100 eBook!

It's official. Demon Day (book two in The Rae Wilder Novels) broke the Kindle UK Top 100 Paid Chart. And since it may never happen again there is a screenshot below to immortalize it.

I am bloody thrilled *warrior dance*

I know Indie's are mad about Kindle US because of the size of the readership (Demon Girl is now in the Top 100 Free Chart over there too now, btw), but it's so great to do so well on my home turf. Thank you to everyone who read Demon Girl and who has carried on to buy Demon Day!

I promise this is just the beginning for me.


  1. Congrats! It is well deserved.

    Karen in East Texas, USA

  2. Shirl11.5.11

    Both are amazing reads! It better only be the beginning for you!! You bring something very special to readers!! Thank you! :-)

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