Indie Book Reviews & Welcome New Blog Followers

As we all know Blogger has been fabulous these past few days. I lost my last post, and was not able to post an interview this morning *pout* but it seems to all be stable again, so my Indie Interview will follow this post.

A note to all Indie's who follow my blog, you can now request a video review of your book through The Indie Book Review (click the skull picture on the left). 

My most recent book review is An Apple for Zoe by Thomas Amo, and this comes highly recommended by me. I'm nearly done reading The Goblin Market by Jennifer Huddock, and Stay by C.C Jackson ... reviews to follow.

*gasp* I have on my Kindle Blood of Requiem, by Daniel Arenson. Eeek! Opening chapter was amazing, love this author's style.

Last, but not least, welcome to all my new blog followers, do say hello, and don't be shy!

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