Author Interview with Megan Jones

I heart food. I am sure you do too. Today, I have Megan Jones, a non-fiction Indie Author who answered a few questions about her journey as an Indie so far.

Tell us about yourself....
I was born in South Africa, have lived in England, Bahrain and the USA. Have visited France, Germany, Czechoslovakia and have collected recipes from all over these places. I have a HUGE folder of recipes I have collected from all over the world and have always wanted to compile a book of these recipes but never knew how to go about it until I heard about Kindle publishing. I only started this a few months ago and am really enjoying it even though it is a lot of work.

Would you consider writing a passion, or as a means to share your true passion? 
I am just starting to write a fiction book which has been on my mind for a very long time. I do think the statement 'there is a book in everyone' is true. I think we might have to dig a little to find it.

You must have a favorite restaurant....
My favorite restaurant here is the Hinustani Roti. I grew up in the Durban area in South Africa and have fond memories of going to the spice market with my dad as he was a great curry cook, so spicy food has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The Hiundustani Roti serves wonderful Indian food and has a huge variety on their menu.

You have three non-fiction eBooks available on Kindle. Can you tell us about them?
My books are about Appetizers, Dips and Sauces (hot and spicy), Wines for under $10.00 (from all around the world) and Meals in Under 30 Minutes.

Self-promotion and book marketing ... which do you feel takes precedence?
I lean towards book marketing but being so new at this I could be wrong.

Can you tell me your favorite recipe from your books?
One of my favorite recipes is for Orange Rosemary Chicken. I absolutely love the combination of orange with chicken. I have also made this adding pineapple to the orange which was delicious.

If you need some cooking inspiration (and don't have a live in cook/cleaner/boyfriend) you can grab Megan's latest eBook on Kindle (UK/US).

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