More Demon Girl Illustrations

I know! Two posts from me in one day *giggles* No, be calm, the world is not ending just wanted to share something beautiful. More illustrations from Dionne (a fan who decided to use the imagery from Demon Girl as her muse for her Uni project). But my gosh these pictures! This is for Chapter Seven when Rae wraps herself around Tomas ... aka the freaky vampire on fairy kissing/biting/groping scene, and is my favourite picture to date.

It's going up in my house. Framed. I swear, I love it!

It's strange, because if you've read Demon Day you'll know the relationship between Tomas, Gwendolyn and Rae, and it's almost like the girl in the background is the vampire Queen watching them....

One more, here is some of Chapter One on a scroll thingy. I don't think it's a final picture, but I still love it. (If you click on the image you should be able to see it bigger). My words look so much better here than they do in the actual book, lol! It's thrilling seeing them in isolation and presented like this. 


  1. This post as made me smile so much! So glad you like the illustrations and this illustration is my favourite too. :)

  2. Those illustrations are simply amazing. <3