110,000 Downloads, Eyeballs & Writing Randomness....

Oh, the last fortnight has been monstrous for me. I am certain I need glasses so have booked an eye exam. Sigh. It’s a pain because the day job requires me to look at a screen all day then I come home and write (more screen time) then I might read (more screen time) … see the problem? I’ve always had great eyes, but I noticed things far away were blurry then earlier in the week things got really blurry, and I got sick again, and was so confused as to why. But I think it’s a case of; bad eyeballs, squints at screen, gets headache, gets migraine (painful!), gets nausea and vertigo. Gah. Ah well, it’s not the end of the world, and I think I’ll look good in glasses, lol.

The Rae Wilder Novels
Demon Girl reviews are definitely improving in general across the board. I said April didn’t I! *haughty face*In the end my own success was also my biggest downfall with my initial release. So many people downloaded the book in the first three months it took six months for the 1st Edition reviews to fade out. Anyway, as of the beginning of the week I had 110,461 confirmed downloads (predominantly free just over 5,000 paid) across all eStores. Whoop! I still don’t have my iBook stats, but I live in hope I’ll get them soon. With 3317 ratings, 680 reviews, and a 4 star average in iBooks, Nook, and Kindle US & UK I am confident I can write now, lol. And I am happy to report I can now look at a bad review and not over analyze until I'm a bundle of raw nerves *raises gaze to heaven and smiles*

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Demon Day ...  When is it okay to say goodbye! *blubbering noise* The MS been sent off to be copy-edited, and won’t be back until the end of April for its fourth and final draft. I am beside myself with relief and worry. Why the worry? Well, my ARC’s were sent out yesterday. *deep breath* Moving on....

I booked the Royal Wedding/Easter break off work and so I have 13 days in which to finish the backbone of Demon Dark. We are going to the Isle of White too, so I am hoping to pick up a bigger crystal skull this time round from the Glass Factory (I like skulls, to me they represent intelligence and life), and there on the Alum Bay cliffs I will finish writing the third and final chapter of Rae’s story. Okay that was dramatic, I will only visit the cliffs, but that imagery was cool, no?

The Beautiful Damned Novella’s
Lunar Light had over 150 paid downloads on Kindle in its first month (at .99/70pence), and made it onto the Romance/Paranormal Bestsellers list in UK store. I did NO promotion, not a single bit ... barring tweeting twice it was out to download. I was way too busy with other stuff. Yay me. It will be going into iBooks, Sony Reader, and the Nook eStores soon as a paid download when I have a moment.

Silver Lance second draft is coming along nicely, and I am on target for a July release. I will post it on WattPad at some point. This story follows the Archangel called Celeste, and I have been very creative with the timeline. Usually, I like tight, linear stories, but this one breaks my mould.

Aurora Spectre Chronicle is looking good too. This story looks at the legend of the Banshee. More on that when I am closer to completing the first draft.

So with these novellas it looks like I will release three this year like I planned. Ace.

Fletch, what book promotion have you forced upon yourself?
Um ... none. *glass shattersI totally bummed out on #SampleSunday ... again. I am determined to try it though. I really do want to spend the day reading/commenting on other people’s tweeted samples rather than just posting mine, so I need a free Sunday to be able to focus on it.

I do have an interview and radio show scheduled on April 20th with ParaYourNormal (really excited about this one), and I did an Interview with BookBuzzr, so that is something.

Random Stuff
I redesigned this blog … yay! (Celebrate the little things).

The Indie Book Review
Ah, I read two Indie books last week, and have reviews to post in the next couple of days. I read ‘Turned’ a YA vampire novel and ‘Farthest Space: the Wrath of Jan’ a space romance. I’m currently reading a book called ‘Chaos Mortalious’ in the evenings, The Goblin Market at lunchtimes and An Apple for Zoe at odd random moments, lol. I just bought a book called The Hawk and His Boy, looks pretty epic ... I have high hopes.

Indie Author Interviews
I posted a thread on Kindle boards asking if any Indie’s wanted to be interviewed and I got 55 responses. Such diversity too! Non-fiction, short stories, young adult, fantasy, romance, horror, crime, epic, sci-fi * PJ squeals in joy* So I am working my way down the list and emailing them all questions I’m looking forward to introducing you to them. J

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  1. Anonymous10.4.11

    So much great news from you, Penelope. I'm very, very happy for you. You are the humblest writer I've ever met and you deserve every success. I'm really looking forward to A Demon Day and excited that you're working on Demon Dark!!!