Author Interview with Rose Gordon

I have a wonderful Indie Author interview to share with you today with Romance writer Rose Gordon. She talks to us about a few key Indie topics, and her Scandalous Sisters series.

Tell me all about you. :)
Not much to say I started writing because I was tired of reading the same fortune hunter plot and thought to put a new twist on an old favorite. From there, I continued because I’d grown attached to the characters I’d created and wanted to discover and tell their stories, too.

If you could kiss anybody in the world who would it be?
Oh, I better say my husband on this one. He’s a jealous sort and wouldn’t like it if I let it slip I’d like to kiss another man, especially the man who runs the bookstore downtown.

I love a good romance, can you tell us what the last romance book you read that made your heart flutter?
Do my own count? No? All right, Guilty Pleasures by Laura Lee Guhrke.

Writing is an art, and each Author I know has a different way of producing their work. Do you write methodically from an outline, or is your process more organic than that?
No outline for me. I am the biggest punster you’ll ever meet. I mean, I have a general idea of how the book will start and end, but the events in between are completely up to the characters.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before clicking “submit” on your Kindle listing, what would it be?
Make sure it’s the right version! No kidding, after my book was out a week, I was told about a few typos and I felt I just had to fix them, and I fixed them all right. In the older version of my MS. Then, without realizing it, I uploaded it. No cover, no front matter, not About the Author, nothing but 380 double spaced pages of raw poorly edited first edition MS (but hey, at least those few errors I was worried about were fixed. That counts for something, right?). Thankfully the listing was only “live” for about 24 hours before I was able to change it. As a double blessing, that was during the days where I’d generally have one sale every day or so, and nobody bought it that day!

Have you tried submitting  your novel to book bloggers? What are your thoughts on the process and a reviews effect on sales?
I’ve submitted my books to a few sites: The Romance Reviews and Coffee Time Romance, not really book bloggers exactly, but close enough, review sites. Neither one has actually reviewed the book yet. A lot of other review sites I’ve heard of have been backlogged so much that I didn’t even submit. Now, I have had my book reviewed on a blog by someone I did not solicit. She did it herself after she found my book on her own and decided to review it on her blog. Though this was very nice of her, I honestly don’t know if it did anything for my sales or not. At the time the review came live, I was already in the middle of a rapid climb, so I can’t really know just how much it helped.

You have two books in the Scandalous Sisters series. Book one titled Intentions of the Earl and book two Liberty for Paul. Can you give us a brief overview of the story arc, and the lead characters?
The first book is about Brooke Banks, the eldest Banks sister who meets an impoverished earl named Andrew Black. Brooke’s fun and rule-flouting personality lends way for her to fall victim to a scheme in which Andrew is out to ruin her reputation in order to gain back a deed to a much needed estate, thus bringing about a scandal. Andrew has no idea of the real motive for why he’s being paid to ruin a young lady’s reputation, but he’s desperate enough that he battles his guilt and tries to get the job done, all without realizing he’s losing his heart to her more and more with each passing day

The second book features two secondary characters from the first. The heroine, Liberty, is Brooke’s youngest sister and the hero is her arch enemy: a vicar named Paul Grimes. The two exchange a few words and unpleasant encounters at a house party in the first book. But at the start of the second book, Liberty finds out Paul has seen her naked and decides to take revenge. Unfortunately, she didn’t think things through and when the family butler goes to the press, she’s forced to marry a man she hates.  While married, they each slowly fall in love with the other, but refuse to acknowledge the feelings to themselves, let alone in front of the other. But when old, nasty secrets are exposed, the couple is torn apart and brought back together only when both are heavily disguised and attend the same masquerade.

Is there another Scandalous Sisters book in the works, or are you working on something else?
There’s one more Scandalous Sisters book, it’s titled, To Win His Wayward Wife, and it will come out April 15. This book will feature the last sister, Madison, who will also marry due to a scandal. Her husband is a man who loves her from the start, but cannot figure out how to show it.

After these three books, I do have another series that will feature three men trying to find their wives, the first of which is the cousin to the three sisters from the Scandalous Sisters Series. This series will come out in the fall.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me.

Rose is well connected online. You can find her on Facebook and Goodreads. Also her blog or website. She has kindly given us an excerpt of Intentions of the Earl. Enjoy.

Out to download on Kindle, Intentions of the Earl by Rose Gordon.

Andrew leaned a little closer, so close Brooke could feel his warm breath on her face. “To me, you are far more beautiful than Madison.” Then he lowered his head and very lightly brushed his lips across hers.
Brooke almost melted on the spot. His kind words had softened her resolve, but his tender kiss was almost her undoing. “You have quite an unmatched skill, my lord,” Brooke said weakly.
Rather than responding to her words with words of his own, Andrew moved closer and kissed her again. This time his kiss was not a quick brush of the lips, it was a full on assault of lips. He started his kiss gently and just when her lips were used to having his on them, he became more aggressive. Her body relaxed and her lips started to respond to his. He moved his hands around to rest on her back and draw her closer while his lips continued to mesh with hers.
Brooke’s hands moved on their own accord up to his neck, and she dug into the soft black curls that rested against his collar. Her fingers twisted his hair as she felt his lips pressed harder to hers, moving on top and in between hers. Her body was giving up its fight to stay standing, and she would have sunk to the floor if he had not been holding onto her. She leaned against his chest and his hands tightened their grip to hold her in place.
Andrew pulled back and looked down at her. “How do you feel about my skills now?” he asked with a ragged breath, his eyes even darker than they were a few minutes before.
Even with the blood thundering in her ears she understood his question; yet she couldn’t form a coherent response, she nodded instead. She knew she was flushed from the kiss and her body felt absolutely boneless in his arms, almost like she had completely surrendered to him.
Andrew smiled and ran the pad of one of his thumbs across her swollen lips. “You are truly beautiful. I don’t care what anyone else says; to me, you are more beautiful than your sisters.”
Her heart fluttered at his words; he truly thought she was beautiful. “We should probably return to Mama and Madison before they come looking for us,” Brooke forced herself to say before stepping backward and out of his embrace. She wished she could stay in this moment forever, but that wasn’t possible, and it really would not do to be found in this position. It could mean they might be forced to marry, which she didn’t want to happen, did she?

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