A Gargantuan 17,000

Well, at least I think it is. The Demon Girl has had over 17,000 downloads. In two months. I have a yummy number of reads on WattPad as well (11,000, but more on that tomorrow), and the Goodreads reviews are taking off. Gobsmacked. Not back in the Kindle store as yet, which blows, but hopefully it'll be back up by the new year.

Now the important bit, the print and revised digital edition I. Have. Finished. Reading. The. Copy. Edited. MS. And. I. Am. So. Excited. I. Can. Hardly. Breathe. Distribution starts as soon as I nail down a few loose ends. I’ll write a note in the book description of the digital edition so people know it’s the revised one. I'm hoping that the reviews smacking me upside the head over copy-editing will die off (yeah, die) around … April 2011... once the readers who have the old version finish flogging me. Then those who read the revised edition should have nothing to say but how much they like it. To date no one has said they don't like the story. My face the day someone does ––> o_o

I appreciate the people who contact me via the website to say how much they love the book and inquire after its print edition or sequel. You have no idea how it feels when I read your words. I also grin like a loon when people comment on my Facebook page. I don’t know why, I just do. The level of response I'm getting on this blog is amazing too. Overnight I went from rambling into the oblivion that is cyberspace like a nutcase, to people actually reading and commenting.

Now a quick update on the sequel, A Demon Day. My word count hit 35k last night. I swear, I am freaking loving writing this book. I got stuff happening no one is going to see coming. This book is focused on fleshing out the Clerics/Disciples and Temple life. Rae’s past is explored, and we get a better understanding of how she’s coping with the changes to her life and body. We meet the shifters, and lesser characters like Ana, Conall and Maeve come into their own. The situation between Rae, Breandan and Tomas reaches breaking point. Snap, snap.

So yes, Miss Fletcher is almost manic with delight right now. Not even the occasional bad review can bring me down … much.


  1. Scott Rapp11.12.10

    I'm anxious to read the next book! I did like the story a lot, and the only gripe I had about the book were the afore mentioned spelling and grammatical errors. I was going to offer to help proofread the next one for you but by the time I had read the book you'd already had offers of the like.

  2. Hi Scott. Thank you for reading, and commenting!

    I'll be posting when I've finished the second draft of the sequel, so if you'd still be up for proofreading, do let me know. :)

  3. I loved the characters particularly breandon, rae and tomas. Intriguing storyline ..Can't wait to see happens in demon day ...

  4. Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you again after the sequel. :)