Relocation, relocation....

Is a b***h. I'm going to have zero internet for about 14 days until BT sort themselves out, and think I am going to die ... at the very least experience intense withdrawal symptoms. My books were lovingly packed in their boxes and fragile stickers stamped all over them (um, my boyfriend thinks I am crazy). And yes, I did pack the rest of the house too. These last few weeks has been testing; working nine to five, renovating a house, writing, keeping up with the amazing response to TDG, packing a home I'm reluctant to leave, telling my mother I still love her even when I don't phone twice a day ... sigh. All that said a part of me is excited to be moving, and my other half has done a great job running point when renovating our new home. I am looking forward to a peaceful and restful new year. 

I got the revised copy back for TDG, so am properly excited. Once I've read through and accepted/rejected changes I can upload to Smashwords to filter through the systems, and get the Print Edition finalized. Next week sometime I'll update my stats on downloads, reads, and general tom foolery.


  1. Just finished reading Demon Girl:)
    I LOVE IT!
    and I must say although I love reading I have trouble finding books that I completely love. So congratulations, I bow upon your work. I really loved it can't wait for your next book. I hope to find my own inspiration some day for now am a freshman in college studying literature. Hope that goes well.
    Well hope you get settle in quickly and get internet soon I would love to have the opportunity to speak with a writer as great as yourself.

  2. Hi Marce. Aw shocks, thank you for your kind words. I'd love to talk writing/reading with you. Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads or another review site? Great places to chatter.... I'm settling in fine, I bought a portable dongle for the internet! It's slow and cranky but it works, lol. It'll see me through till I get my broadband.

    Don't worry, one day inspiration will hit you between the eyes and you'll wonder why you never saw it before.

    I hope you kick ass in your studies, and hope to hear from you again. If not have a good New Year :)