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It’s been just over one month since The Demon Girl was posted on WattPad, and boy oh boy do I have an update to deliver.

The story is now Featured alongside other impressive works, and the response is wonderful. I feel all warm and fuzzy. Ah, I started a thread to see if anybody would be interested in putting forward a few lines of their poetry to introduce my ten chapters, and I've got some really good ones. I've posted them below, so beautiful. I’ll be posting links to the poets profiles on my website shortly. I’ll definitely be doing the same thing early Spring for the sequel. Anyway, The Demon Girl passed 14,000 reads! I'm thrilled, and pleased to be a part of the community. 

I want to give a shout out to @TheShadowThief and @Archleone for wonderful reviews of the Demon Girl and fabulous WIP’s. I've enjoyed reading @Archleone's the Knight Casefiles: Revelations, which is told by Christopher, a champion of humanity chosen to wield the power of a powerful sword called Gram. Christopher’s witty personality is fun to read, but the various supernatural elements, like a fierce Valkryie warrior for a guardian, keeps things interesting. And @TheShadowThief's The Eternal Winter, a story told from the P.O.V of a wolf, a story that captured my imagination and had me thinking about the story at random times over the last few weeks. Lastly, I want to mention @Warrior_Prophet who’s poetry I can’t get out of my head, in particular this poem, Pledge of the White Night.

I do try to respond to everyone who fans me, but they get queued with comments on other sites, tweets, emails, facebook and goodreads comments (gasp), but I will respond to answer any questions and say thank you as soon as I can, so bear with me.


For the ten chapters of The Demon Girl, ten lines loaned from original poems penned by WattPad members;

“But I will never know you. Or follow you. Or trust you” - You Lie by @fifi1621

“The sadness it engulfs me, the darkness can it tempt me? My heart bleeds black.” - Dizzy Darkness by @autumn_duskflame

“A feeling of uncertainty. The endless confusion. An unstoppable, most unhealthy feeling that one should endure." - Love by @cryingfarie

“Hear them all cry! I told you there is a monster inside.” - Monster by @light

“They are relentless in virtue, mauling and changing me into, something new, someone new.” - Filling In The Holes by @orangeooo

“It hurts as I walk a million miles on broken glass. For you, it feels like I walk on soft grass.” - Pieces of Poetry by @uniquenotuseful

I take up the sword and I take up the lance. And prepare for the mountains that I have to climb.” - Love has become my Religion by @Warrior_Prophet

“Starved, bruised, dejected. Nobody loves the broken and dying.”  - Silent Scream by @razzberrykisses

“And now they're gone, lost ... hidden in forgotten paradises in the corners of your mind.”  - Decisive Moments by @ioannanestoridi

The Sun will once again shine bright. Know this, that I have championed for the light!” - Pledge of the White Knight by @Warrior_Prophet

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