New Release: U.M.O (Unidentified Male Organism)

Releasing a book is always cathartic. :) I haven't done a novella since Lunar Light and I enjoyed flexing those muscles. Writing a good shorter novel is as difficult as writing a 600 page bruiser. I adore Science Fiction Romance (have been working on the Alien Warrior series almost exclusively for the last 18 months) and this story came to me sometime in early August. I did try to set it aside, as I'm working feverishly on ThunderClaw and Ash, but the main character kept seeping into the characters of those stories, and that wouldn't do.

Most Sci Fi Romance I've read (concerning aliens) feature human women who fall for male aliens. My Alien Warrior series follows this, and it's fun, but it can be predictable. For U.M.O, I flipped this trend on its head focusing on a peaceful society lead by a female alien who claims a human male. I ditched a lot of the erotic elements to spotlight the dynamics between two alphas, and made it more smexy (smart+sexy) rather than slexy (slutty+sexy). I added robots, too, which was fun. I've only touched on A.I in Chaos Theory before this.

I wanted the cover art to look much different for the novel, but I don't have the bandwidth to delve into an artwork project of that depth, especially not for a small book that won't bring in as much revenue as my other work. This cover only took a week or so for me mock up, and it represents the story elements well enough.

Available worldwide on Amazon Kindle, GooglePlay, Smashwords, B&N Nook, Apple iBooks and Kobo for 1.99 GBP/2.99 USD/ 3.99 CAD/4.13 AUD.

Science Fiction Romance

Refugee humans flee a scourge that has overtaken their home world. They land on an Earth-like planet only to find they are not alone. Their hosts are anything but merely alien....

Lord Two watches a spaceship land on the haven of Kyzor Lune. She fears for the future of her people. Her creators were without conscience, forcing her kind to flee genocide. Hailing from a planet far beyond the stars called Earth, the U.M.Os pose a deadly threat. The aliens say they need a home, but will they accept the differences of Lord Two's people, or grow to fear them as their creators did?

When the human Lord grows to love discovers her secret, will he give her his heart, or seek to destroy her like those before him? And if love prevails, will darker forces allow peace between what was and what will be?


  1. Anonymous4.12.15

    Now...this looks interesting...

  2. I'm only a couple of pages into this, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

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