New Release: Bedevil

Okay. It's difficult to explain where this book came from as it wasn't on my writing schedule. It lurked in the back of my mind and wouldn't go away. Other writers know how distracting that can be. So I wrote it. Ta Da! It turned out much longer than expected (two normal sized books in one).

There is quite bit of humour, lots of quintessential Britishness and a sprinkling of paranormal (cause I looove supernatural stuff).

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After a car accident strips Ebenezer Royale the use of his lower limbs his high flying lifestyle comes to a crashing halt. When Boudicca Cane wanders into the wrong place at the right time, they strike up an odd friendship that blossoms into love. Their relationship isn’t conventional, bloody bonkers at times, but it works. When they pause their sexy time to come up for air, they discover the Cane and Royale families are struggling to adjust. Boudicca’s adoptive father doesn’t like change, Ebenezer’s brothers either lust after or despise her and his parents suspect her of being a gold digger. 

As life takes a turn for the better, odd, inexplicable things happen, all leading back to the woman of Ebenezer’s dreams. Black animals circle the house, a mysterious stranger stalks her reflection in the mirror, and apples float by an unseen force. Eben and Bo believe getting their families to rub along is the only thing standing in the way of everlasting happiness. But a powerful force has turned its evil eye on the mismatched couple. Between food fights, curses, and Shakespearian verses, will Boudicca and Ebenezer get their crazy ever after? Contemporary romance with a hint of magic. Contains profanity and sexual situations! Standalone. Plus length novel (144,000 words/aprox 735 pages).

It's the first time I've written about disability. Getting across a well rounded man who was upset about his disability but not bitter proved hard for me as a writer, I'm embarrassed to say. I read other books with disabled heroes and disliked them. The men were whiny and saved from their 'miserable lives' by the women, imho. Eben (hero of Bedevil) is just a nice bloke who meets a batty girl and chaos ensues. I think I brought his character across decently. *bites nails* I have to admit it was a challenge to write an Alpha Male while taking into account the reality of his altered physicality. There were so many of the physical/emotional/behavioural descriptors used when depicting an A/M I couldn't touch because it wouldn't make any sense.

Designing the book cover was hard too. Why? There are zero stock photos sexy enough in my opinion. At first I didn't have any visual indication there was a disabled protagonist. Then I thought about it. It annoys me when races on book covers are whitewashed or half arsed. This was no different. Just because it was difficult didn't mean I should give up, right? And self publishing equals freedom in stuff like this. It was important to me to at least try to give an accurate representation. Generally there isn't a sexy slant placed on disabled people, so no stock photos of sexed up couples. Me + Photoshop = Cover I Love Today But Will No Doubt Hate Tomorrow. I really wanted to have a better wheelchair on there (showing a frigging wheel at least), but again finding a stock photo of a wheelchair straight on proved ridiculously hard and making the chair bigger made him look like a little boy (which would have been ewww). So as my boyfriend says, "He kind of just looks like he's sitting on a chair...." But I tried!

Bedevil is available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. (ibooks in the next month or so) and from MY WEBSITE.

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