New Release: Burn (Dragon Souls #2)

*collapses to floor* Burn listings will be appearing on iBooks, Nook, etc within the next few days. It has already popped up on Kobo and Kindle. The ebook is also available direct from my website in ePub format. My next newsletter will contain as many links as I can find.

Just in case you are new to the Dragon Souls series this is book two. Smolder is book one. The paperback edition will be available within the fortnight.

$3.99/£2.49 ~ 117,000 words/401 pages

Deadly power lurks beneath Marina's skin, wildness, a magical creature born of fire and ice.

Crossing dimensions to the Dragon Lands where she is a Princess and descendant from a powerful Phoenix, Marina has chosen to enter the tournament Aver to win the Frost Wreath. She must conquer four savage quests to be crowned Queen of the Ice Realm and win the right to hunt her mate, Dragon King Koen Raad.

Assassination attempts,  a growing darkness in her adopted son,  the bloodthirsty quests of Aver itself. Marina's chances of survival grow dimmer by the day.

Bloggers feel free to contact me for a review copy.


  1. I have reread Burn twice already and can't wait for the third book. Is there a rough estimate of when it will be available and a synopsis for the third book? Also, are you going to have an editor go through the book and if so, will changes automatically update my Kindle copy that I bought through Amazon? Having a better copy that fixes the typos, misused words such as "their" instead of "there" and missing words would be awesome. All in all you did a great job! I found it exciting and worth the purchase.

    Spoiler alert:

    I like Burn but I would have preferred to get an insight on what happened in between the time that Marina closed off the Ice Realm and then decided to go after Boy. Specifically, it would be cool to see how she made up with her friends and family that she initially banished, got used to being a dragon, how her pregnancy was like and how she personally addressed threats.

  2. I agree I also want to know how boy ends up and if he will ever believe that she loves him and didn't agree to him being sent away

  3. sylwia20.2.14

    I absolutely LOVED this book. I do agree at the end it was quite a jump but i still think it didn't take away anything from the book. Waited forever for this book and I think it was soooo worth it. Really hope the next wait is not going to be that long!!!! Keep at it and we will be waiting for the next installment of this series

  4. Anonymous14.3.14

    I hope that a third is coming,want to know what happened boy and what of the new babies

  5. Anonymous1.4.14

    I'm a new fan! Love this series, can't wait for the last installment! :D

  6. Anonymous25.4.14

    Read smoldering n then burn n thought they were honestly the greatest books I've ever read. I'm so itching for the third one. Plleeeeaaaase say it comes out soon???

  7. Anonymous29.6.14

    After the HUGE lag after Smolder, and the constant push back of the release dates, I swore off this series. But then a friend had Burn and loaned me her Kindle - and now I'm back to addicted. These books are SO brilliantly written, you really feel everything. The characters are intensely strong, but not jerks, and completely reasonable and real. I love love love this series. I'm excited about the third book, but not really convinced of it coming out any time soon. Regardless, I've signed up on Amazon for emails whenever a new PF book is released.

  8. Oh wow! I just so love stumbling upon books such as yours! When I started reading smoulder I found myself instantly hocked. Your use of descriptive language allowed me to see your story come to life, rather being told how it was born. I must admit I read both books in a day and now eager for the next instalment and am hoping that the wait will not be to long.