Demon Day ... Nook Top 200

Not the Top 100. It took me most of the week to not feel upset about this. It reached 191 and then dropped down. It would have been so nice *sigh* Maybe it'll happen with book three in September as I continue to grow my readership. At the moment it's settled in the Top 300.

Okay, personal disappointment aside, this is still awesome. Within a day my book climbed to that position in the chart and five days later still does not even have a cover. Again, took me several days to not be upset about that. I am unhappy B&N have just flung the title up like that. Covers help sell books, and five days is too long to not have one. I cannot understand why they would be so careless in such a thing. Smashwords has asked I wait a week before they give them a nudge, so I will.

Anyway, finally got my video book reviews done for Shimmerspell, The Converted and Blood of Requiem, this weekend, which are scheduled to pop up during the week, so watch out for those. More video review requests are trickling through now, which I am considering, so fun and games there. Some of the requests are creative and enthusiastic, which I love.

Major changes happing in my world at the moment, so everything is up in the air, and that is why I have been M.I.A for the last couple of weeks on this blog. Sooooo much to do. Will explain more at a later date.

Until then, welcome to my new blog followers :)


  1. Anonymous13.6.11

    Colour me ignorant but... what's a Nook?! Is it a pretender to the throne for the Kindle? I'll have to Google it ;)

  2. Most Brits don't :)

    Nook is a Barnes and Noble product (eReader), and Barnes and Noble is basically to US what Waterstones is to us here in UK.

    The market looked like this in 2010 (USA):

    Amazon: 58.0%
    Barnes & Noble: 27.0%
    Apple: 9.0%
    Others: 6.0%