Demon Day ... A iBook UK Top 100 eBook!

Within a day of its appearance. Pretty cool, huh? I took some screen grabs off my iPhone. If anyone in the US/AU/CA is an iBooks user, and could tell me if its shown up over there yet I would owe you one!

Top 100 Paid iBooks UK

I was watching The Hangover 2 (going to do a film review post soon), checked my rankings and I was climbing nicely. The next time I checked just before I went to bed last night, I was blown away.

It's totally in the wrong category (Children's), but I'll get that fixed so it's in the Fantasy section with Demon Girl. When it's in it correct category I might have a shot at the top spot. Exciting stuff.

Top Ten Paid Children's iBooks UK

iBook rankings change by the hour (like Kindle), but it was still uber cool to see it there. The book is still on bestseller lists in both Kindle stores, but I cannot be bothered to print screen, so just take my word for it, lol.

Demon Girl is no longer free in Kindle store, but has retained good rankings, and is still selling well in US and UK.
Kindle UK
Kindle US
Gosh, and just for fun, here is my Demon Day German Ranking.

Kindle DE
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Today, is a happy day. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend!

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  1. Anonymous23.6.11

    I love, love, love Rae's story in both Demon Girl and Demon Day. I am a high school English teacher and this is a novel that I know will be popular with my students as well as other teachers. The plot is good, the characters are well developed but my only issue are the glaringly obvious editing problems. There are A LOT of misspellings and silly grammar mistakes. They obviously do not reflect the quality of your writing and I try to overlook them BUT if you want your work to be taken more seriously by critics, you will need an editor (or someone who can pick out these problems) before you publish!

    Please keep the good work up. I look forward to reading more about Rae, and I will definitely pick up your other books as well.