The Indie Book Review

The 'Epic' badge. Can't wait till I read a book and award this!

I have a new thing I'm doing called The Indie Book Review

I mentioned it on Kindle Boards, and got a few takers!
The first two reviews are already done, and I am currently finishing up another for a book called The lost Book of Souls.

Basically, I love reading, and the concept of writing reviews does appeal to me, but quite frankly ... I need to save my typing energies for my own books. So, when I read an Indie Book I feel is worth spending five minutes recording a video for, I will. Simples. 

I have separated these reviews out by creating a whole new blog since this is for the reader part of me rather than the writer. I'm also uploading these to Amazon (where I buy the books), since I never see anybody using that function, and it's so easy and nifty. 

Do check it out and if you want to recommend a book mail me.

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