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After a bout of sickness (that knocked me flat) the last couple of weeks (even had to take time off the day job) I am slowly coming back ... kicking. A positive of my downtime is that I went back into the Kindle Board Writers Cafe. I downloaded a forum app to my iPhone as I was bored in bed, re-discovered it on there, and I'm enjoying it. 

I also visited a writers group a couple of weekends ago to talk about being an Indie Author called Writebulb, which was wonderful. They are a dedicated group of writers who support each other in their individual writing aspirations. I was thrilled to go, and impressed with how they each organised their own writing goals.

My Demon Day ARC's are due to go out on the 31st of March, and I am crapping myself. My copy-editor is good to go on the edit so I should have the final version back by the end of April. Then (hopefully) I will have my ARC feedback, and I can get the final version completed in May for the eBook release in June.

Um, I added a ShortStack welcome page to my Facebook Fan Page, a tool that removes the need to learn FBML or as an alternate to hiring somebody. The bad: I had to upgrade from a free account to paid almost immediately since I already had over 100 fans. The good: application is dead easy to use. I now have my newsletter, book sample, trailer, twitter feed and a cool voting tool via my page which gets over 1,000 impressions each time I post, so it was worth it for me. So ... I do recommend this to other Indie's. It's completely free (no subscribe obligations) if you have under 100 fans and you want to try it. Check out what mine looks like, the tab is called 'Hai!'; Demon Girl Fan Page. There are snazzy templates available to make your welcome page look unique, but I am a simple kinda gal, lol. This tool does make the fan pages more ... promotable ... dynamic, as you can use the share functions and make changes instantly.

Okay, let's move on to giveaways. All of them were definite successes! My Facebook giveaway had 70something entries and the winner seemed quite thrilled. Awesomeness. 

My fReado giveaway closed with a wining bid. I am enjoying BookBuzzr as a whole (the Author end of fReado). See how I crap I am at promotion, I was a featured Author at one point on the site in March, did I mention that before now? Anyway, it's easy and fun. In one month my cover was seen 3322 times, and my book "memorizations" total to 942. This means 942 people have successfully matched my cover with its hidden counterpart in the games. The idea is when they are browsing books they will recognize my book cover and feel more inclined to investigate. See? Hm.... I'm going to keep my account since I can see value here. I just need to learn how to effectively use the tool my way. I may try it with #SampleSunday (I plan to try it this weekend, I hear good things), and will see if the widget stats go up (you can see the widget in the top right hand corner of this blog). Twitter is an area I am openly dubious of as a means of book promotion, so we shall see.

The Big One was my WattPad dialog contest, and there were around 70 (valid) entries. It took me almost a week to decide my top ten favorite lines - they were all so damn good. I asked for lines and I got paragraphs from these adorable people *mouth falls open*. And nearly 1,000 watched the video of me rambling on about it, so, I'm very happy :D (if you haven't seen it already it's on the Contest Page in the closed section). 

After much deliberation I whittled the list down to twenty then ten and from the ten four winners were randomly selected using Random.org to win a hardback copy of The Demon Girl. The winners lines are emboldened. I’ll definitely be doing something similar again if Demon Day is successful and WattPad let me. I might even do a prize pack or something to see if it generates even more interest. Possibly a collaboration with other Indie's? Anyhoo....

Entry 14 by @mickymouse
"Know that even as you walk away from me, I will always be yours whether I am wanted or not."

Entry 18 by @lyssaspells
"Je suis à toi pour toujours."

Entry 20 by @Ninjalover22
"What you do, what you say, what you think, what you are is beautiful."

Entry 27 by @Zynthetikk
"You're my darkest secret, but darkness does not always mean evil and light does not always mean good."

Entry 29 by @xx_Queen_xx
"You are my Rae of hope, my reason to live, my reason for everything."

Entry 39 by @ellywelly007
"Forever you will stay in my heart ... forever"

Entry 50 by @Josie3
“I'll die for you but better than that I'll live for you.”

Entry 53 by @Avancidy
"Your everything that I want and everything I plan to have."

Entry 60 by @HardCandi
"Because that is what you are; you are life to me."

Entry 65 by @SincerelyTuesday
"And for every step you take I will be here waiting, waiting for you to realize what I feel for you cannot by masked by the damnation of my soul."

Well, that is it from me for now. I'll try out #SampleSunday and see how that goes. I also have a place booked on ParaYourNormal blog talk radio show on the 20th April at 3.30pm PST, so more on that soon.

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