Kynoyu Dragon & RoboGeisha & Zipangu Fest

Kynoyu Dragon directed by Takao Nakano

The Gist: Strippers kick flesh eating zombie ass in hot pants with swords and chainsaws.

What happens when you cross zombies, a Samurai sword, exotic dancers and a Japanese film Director? You get Kynoyu Dragon... Or in English Big Tits Zombie (I'm not sure about the translation either).  This was produced on a shoe string. Literally. My Converse sneaker laces are worth more than the budget this movie had, but they still managed to have 3D elements in there. Yes, there are boobs with blood spatted over them, yes there is a semi naked wrestling scene, yes there is a stripper who turns into a zombie and shoots fire out her front bottom (I couldn't think of any other word), but at 73 minutes, it made me smile.

RoboGeisha directed by Noboru Iguchi

The Gist: Power Ranger, Transformer stylized Geisha's are upgraded into killer assassin robots, so a crazy boy can blow up the world, by throwing a device seventeen times more powerful than a nuclear bomb into Mount Fuji.

Pretty Japanese girls going all robotic, whilst doing martial arts, and stopping mid flow to deliver dodgy inner monologues. There were machine gun boobs, knifes in armpits, laser eyeballs, plasma blasting hair, legs that turned into tanks... That said we loved it... So did the people behind us... Though that may have been the beers... Running at 102 minutes it was a lot of cheeky fun, and what's to be expected of a Japanese B-Movie. Daijoubou? 

This Halloween Double Feature I attended this evening with my movie buddy MissEmmaJames, at the Barbican was a taster of the delights to be had at Zipangu Fest. The quirky/cool Japanese Film Festival that will be haunting the streets of London in such places as Brick lane, Barbican and Whitechapel from 23rd November. 

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