Copy Editing... My lack of it... Damn

What is worse than a glowing critique that is marred by the mention of bad copy-editing? NothingI hang my head in shame.

So, on my first novel attempt, based on feedback from the general public; the cover is good, the characters are good, the plot is good, the copyediting is bad. My conclusion? I suck at copyediting my own work. My solution? Hire a professional copyeditor. Gusty Sigh. I wish I was purist enough to not want one, but it will make my life so much easier. A thanks to those who can see the shiny diamond under the sh*t that is my nonexistent editing skills. Google and I are fixing as I type.

Positive of this experience; I can write (the whole point of this free eBook trial) and my print publication will be stellar. Negative of this experience; embarrassment, and the poor souls who were kind enough to leave me feedback had to suffer.


  1. Dave Harrison25.11.10

    Just find a few readers who like this book and send them an advance copy of your next one on the condition that they tell you about any errors they find. Easy!

  2. Very true, Dave. Thnx for the tip. :D

  3. Can't agree more - It's virtually impossible to edit your own work, but I wouldn't spend money on it till you're making far more from it. Besides readers are unlikely to try to change things, just point out mistakes.
    Good luck with Demon Day!

  4. I thought of this often as I was reading The Demon Girl. I have that unruly itch of a perfectionist that drives me mad with frustration but also makes me highly aware of how to fix things. I too love to write, although my creativity is often snuffed out before I get as far as you have.
    The way you write is intensely refreshing, (I had such a difficult time putting my phone down, and that hasn't happened in far too long)! It was like quenching a thirst I haven't been able to relieve since the last page-turning book I read few months ago. It was enrapturing to lose myself in The Demon Girl.
    If you do decide to enlist a second pair of eyes for editing assistance, I would be delighted to lend a hand. It's much easier to catch such things when someone else has written what you're reading.

    You're more than welcome to add me on Facebook. :-)

  5. Kaytie S.7.12.10

    I really think this is a good story. I liked the characters and the plot. I think there could be a little more background and depth to the characters. And please, please find someone to edit it this time. That's is the kind of thing that will turn me off of a book. And I would have missed a really good story!

  6. Hiya Star. Ooooh. You're the first person to use the word enrapturing to describe my work. I'm going to use that at some point, and I may just take you up on your editing offer for the sequel :)

    Kaytie, thank you! You're not the first to ask for more backstory and there will be expansion on the characters in the second. Not too much, because that's just not my storytelling style, but enough to balance things out. My future work won't have the typo problem. I have learnt my lesson and the value of a copy-editor ;) And, I finally have the revised version of The Demon Girl back *dances round in glee*. So hopefully it's a mistake I can put far, far behind me very soon. Phew.

  7. Ooooh! does this mean that Demongirl will be available in edited version? If so how will we know that it is the correct version to re-download? I will no doubt re-read it after a while and it would be great to have the de-niggled version!

    I say, "ignore the doubters!" people will always want more of this, less of that - etc. etc. problem is, you can never completely please everybody and trying can upset those who liked it as it was.
    I found Demongirl to be an un-putdownable, non stop adrenalin rush as Rae blasts through her whirlwind of discovery. I figure, as long as we know at least as much as her about what's going on, all's good; after all it's her point of view. Just my two penneth, but I'd stick with your instincts, I'd say they were right on target so far.

    If you need/want more people to check over things as you near publication I'd be honoured to volunteer. I suspect you will be inundated with offers now, lured by the prospect of an early viewing! : }

  8. Yep, it does. I'm so excited. The cover will be pretty much the same, but on the copyright page there'll be a note highlighting it's the revised digital edition. I'm hoping to upload this weekend, and iBooks usually updates within a week. Nook store takes the longest (6 weeks) and the others fall between. So the updated digital version will be everywhere by the end of Jan. I'll blog/tweet/facebook about it once it's done so people know. I'm releasing the Print Edition at end of Jan as well, so that all ties in nicely.

    I've gotten to that stage where you realize people really do want different things. Some want the chapters longer, some shorter. Some want more action, some want less ... so I'll just write what I want and hope for the best.

    People are more willing to give my second book a read over, which I am hugely grateful for, and I may just take you up on your offer in a few months. :)

  9. Please do - anytime. This thread should continue to bounce to my email, or I've (finally got round to getting) set up on twitter as Wyrmspear.
    Have fun!

  10. Kaytie13.12.10

    Great!! I look forward to the next book!