Bye 2011 *waves* Hello 2012!

2011 Snapshot
2011 was a good year for me financially and emotionally. What more can a girl ask for?

1) 12 months to sell over over 46,000 eBooks across all distribution channels (48,000 if you include my pen name)
2) I wrote and published five books (and three short stories under pen name Hanna Lui)
3) I gave up my day job in September to become a full time writer
4) I've had one Kindle UK Top 100 book, one Nook Top 100 book, and nine iBook category #1's across three different territories (CA, AU & UK) as well as my books bouncing up and down a number of competitive Kindle genre bestseller lists all year
5) I managed to blog at least once every single month
6) I re-designed my website (and I am finally happy with it)

I did a lot more of course, but the idea of listing it all is mind boggling. There were so many small things that meant so much to me last year. Compelling stuff, I tell ya.

So thank you to all who contributed to what I consider a great success in 2011. *mwah*

Planned 2012 Releases
2012 is going to mainly be a year of sequels and next installments for me. I am most excited about the release of Chaos Theory in April, which is the first in my new YA series Cosmic Lovely, and of course Demon Boy, the concluding book in Rae Wilder novels. Here is a tentative release schedule:
Moon Burn (sequel to Lunar Light) - March
Chaos Theory (Cosmic Lovely Book One) - April
Demon Boy (concluding book in Rae Wilder Series) - June
Bite, My Love (sequel to Die, My Love) - August
Burn (Book Two of Dragon Souls) - December

These front list release dates could change depending on the state of my creative sensibilities. At the moment it's looking about right. I'm also working with a new editor (Kim Sheard, Another View Editing) to go over my backlist. It's slow going since I'm revising and writing new stuff at the same time, but I'll get there.

Xmas Sales on Smashwords
I was thrilled to read this blog post; Smashwords Authors Experience Blowout I was the bestselling  (total dollars) Smashwords distributed author over on B&N for Xmas Day & Boxing Day ... way cool!

Lastly, a bit of fun ... I'm listening to Walk Off The Earth's cover of Gyote's Somebody I Used To Know on repeat because in contrast to the sad lyrics the melody is so spritely, and I love the tone.

Onwards and upwards!



  1. You continue to inspire me.



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  3. I am totally in love with your books and the stories behind them, they are sooooo creative! I just finished smolder and you left it at a impeccable cliff hanger!!! ahhhhhh i wish i could be reading the second right now. soooo excited for all your books to be released this year, and goood luck!! I read Via the Nook, <3

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    does any one know where i can get demon girl, demon day, demon dark, demon boy on paperback also lunar light and die my love i have looked everywhere dont know if they ave been released on paperback i can only c te kindle version really wanna read these books some 1 please help