Rae Wilder Fan Art!

I love it when readers commit and go the extra mile to show how much they've connected with a character. I got this through a few minutes ago, an interpretation of Rae from Demon Day.

This is clearly after Rae meets the shifters and is given new clothes from Alec ... after she gets her circlet. How ca-uooo-te!! The detail on the wings is fabulous, and Rae's Deer In The Headlights look has been captured brilliantly. Rae is even tugging on her hair and biting her lip! Click to enlarge the picture and you can see her fangs.

This was drawn by the talented Michelle Hewitt, and you can find out more about her and her work at Littlelovesartist.com

If anybody does do fan art or fan fiction on any of my stuff don't hide it away. I'd love to see it, there is no greater compliment ;)

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  1. I really enjoyed doing this, it was a real pleasure and I'm so glad you like it!