Demon Dark Hits #1 iBooks UK, CA & AU!

I think sufficient time has passed, and I doubt things are going to get any better for my US ranking, but such good news!

Demon Dark found its way into the Apple iBookstore, and from the 14th to the 16th (today) reached the top spots in its genre (Sci-fi & Fantasy) across three different territories. It peaked at #9 in the US.

I took screenshots because how often does that happen in a girl's life? A massive thank you to all the readers who bought the book and made its release such a success.

What's next? Demon Dark's arrival on Nook ... any day now ...

Australia 15.11.11

Canada 16.11.11

United Kingdom 14.11.11


  1. Congrats!! :) I can't wait to read it myself, just haven't had a chance to buy it yet...

  2. That is awesome Pene, so happy for you! Can only hope that mine will eventually have such success *grin*