Indies Kick Ass on iBooks UK

I want to highlight how many indies are rocking the iBooks UK charts at the moment.

This is the Featured SciFi section, but you can see a substantial amount of indie titles in most of the categories, and if you actually click on the Top 100 charts it is amazing how strong the indie presence is.

I wonder what it looks like in US, CA and AU.

Those I have highlighted in yellow boxes are indie books and the blue boxes are all my books *grins*

I see so many authors focusing purely on Kindle, their promotional efforts geared solely to try and tap into the Kindle readers. However! What if your readership isn't on the Kindle? What if you could sell consistently elsewhere?

It is possible to sell on iBooks and Nook. Good numbers too (I did 1260 on Apple in the crappy summer month of July). Just saying.

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  1. Mine's there. :)

    We can't buy anything other than public domain books here, but any time I've been able to see chart listings they've been full of indies. It's pretty amazing really. The ratings seem to be a lot higher there too which (to me) says a lot about target audiences. Most of the people who contact me about my books found them on the iBookstore. I think it's a mistake to forget about markets outside of Kindle.