Lunar Light, Wikipedia & Die, My Love

Lunar Light is definitely my more obscure work. I think all of the Beautiful Damned novellas will be in comparison to my young adult titles, because in honesty, they are weird, and don't follow the norms we have in Paranormal Romance today. 

The cover got a redesign so it fits in with the new releases, and I've added the letters 'bdn' in the top right hand corner to signal when a book is part of that collection. 

To date Lunar Light has sold over 1,300 copies (at $0.99/£0.70) across all eStores since it's release in March this year, which was much more than I was expecting (I kept hearing on the grapevine novellas and novelettes don't sell well).

It's free now for Nook, iBooks and Smashwords in preparation of the releases of Die, My Love and Silverlance.

You can read an extract of Die, My Love on this blog in the 'Next Release' section.

I have to mention this, Friday night I googled Demon Day to check out my links as I do every Friday. All of my search results are organic (as in I don't do any SEO), so simply googling my book titles is an easy way to see if the word is getting out there about my books, who might be talking about them, etc. Usually when I see a sudden spike in sales it's because the book has been mentioned somewhere. But unlike usual I saw my name standing independent of my book title, which just does not happen. When my name is mentioned, it's in the same breath as one of my books. So I clicked on it and it was a Wikipedia page! My real own Wikipedia page dedicated to me not a specific book title.

I love Wikipedia. I think the resource is one of the greatest things on the internet. It's not always accurate, but reliable for a quick information search to give you something to work from. So to be added to it was gobsmacking, and it made me truly excited in a way I have not been in a little while. It's one of those silly little things that make you feel good. Obviously the person who created it does not have much information on me (and I've only been around nine months so there really is not much more to add), but it'll be interesting to see if that page develops over the years. Here it is: Penelope Fletcher. It's only a stub, and will probably get deleted if not updated (another thing I like about Wikipedia, constantly validates and streamlines information), but still *squeal*



  1. Impressive numbers, indeed.

    And thank you for your kind words on my blog. We should definitely stay in contact. :)

  2. So cool Pene - your own real wiki page!!