OMG OMG OMG Demon Day ARC Feedback!

The first of the feedback for Demon Day ARC has arrived. I just have to post it.

Hiya Penelope,

I just finished Demon Day, and it was AMAZING, seriously. I was like omg at the end. I thought this book would just be Breandan and Rae chasing Devlin, but it wasn't, it was awesome, and I can't believe [REMOVED]!!!

I thought this book was better than Demon Girl because of the chapters when Rae is captured. The violence was wicked, and totally awesome, but mostly just because it had more Breandan in it.

I think the cover art is awesome, and would look wicked up against Demon Girl in a shop or on my bookshelf. I was so happy after reading Demon Day, because Breandan and Rae's relationship goes further, and you get to read about them as a couple. I couldn't believe Tomas and Rae! I was screaming at my laptop when [REMOVED].

I thought all characters were lovely, and I really like Alec as a new character. He was so cute, and I would love to see more of him and Rae just hanging out. I thought the length of the book was just right, and thought the ending was pure awesome. I can’t wait for the next book, or to read the final copy of Demon Day. 

Next, I think that Rae and Lochlann will have a massive fight, and Rae will put him in his place. I think that Zoe (the Disciple from the Temple) will be all anti-demon, and I think the white witch has some explaining to do.

If I was able to get a ARC of Demon Dark I would be over the moon :) I would definitely pay £2.99 for this book as it is serious genius. It wasn’t all romance, it had violence, and action, and the Rae Wilder series is one of my new favorite series. [REMOVED].

Thanks so much for letting me read Demon Day. Your books are just amazing and I can’t wait to read on.

Nia :)

There you have it! *warrior dance*  Sorry about the removed stuff, but I couldn't give away major plot points now could I? Eeek. I'm so excited. Nia is a member of the public who contacted me and asked to be on my Spring Preview list. It's so amazing when you get feedback from your target audience, from strangers. I know not all the feedback will be this positive, but I'm glad the first bit is. I have a huge grin on my face, and now I am going to go eat pizza and prepare for Friday ... because there is nothing like a good review to encourage you to write more.


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  1. Anonymous15.4.11

    Wow, I'd kill for feedback like this.

    Now, I'm REALLY looking forward to it coming out so I can feel the same excitement that Nia has.

    Well done, Penelope - onwards and upwards!