My Break & Book Updates

I'm off to the Isle of Wight today. I am taking my laptop, and my beloved internet dongle, but I'll pretty much be going underground for six days. I've scheduled in an interview with an Indie Author to post each day :) Now, a few updates before I skip away ....

ParaYourNormal Radio Interview 
This was super fun. It was on late, 11:30 over here on Wednesday, so most people I knew were in bed, lol. I fell asleep on the sofa afterward whilst I was doing a bit of tweeting, but it really was great. You can listen to it on the left hand side of this blog and read the interview here. Hopefully they'll let me back in future :)

Independent Author Network
Please do check out My Page, and the site in general. you can now read excerpts, which will come in handy I think :)

Rae Wilder Novels
Demon Girl continues to do well in Kindle UK (still averaging 3,000 downloads a month) and the stats are getting better in the US ...  I may reach a thousand this month whereas before I was in the mid three digits!

Kindle DE launched yesterday and I went in search of quotes for translations (from corporate companies to certified individuals). Looking between £5 and £10k depending on the company and what they considered the complexity of my writing. German seems to be a more expensive than other languages, btw. Sigh. I can't justify spending that at the moment as royalty wise Demon Girl has only made me just over £2k. So .... if anybody knows a certified English to German translator who would do the job at  £2k send them my way, lol.

Demon Day, it's getting there, slowly, but surely. I know my readers are frustrated with me for making them wait so long for the sequel, but it's nearly there (my obsessive behavior over editing this time is slowing everything down but will be worth it).

I'm working on completing the first draft of Demon Dark over this Royal Wedding/Easter period, exciting times. The story is getting darker, and more intense, making me sit back and focus on what each of these characters want. I'm constantly mulling over how to make the ending satisfying. Since this is my first series this may get tricky, but I'm up to the challenge. 

Beautiful Damned Novella's
Lunar Light is selling well, over 300 copies since it went live on March 7th. Considering it's my first novella, and my first attempt at writing a story with overtly sexual content I'm thrilled. Reviews have been more positive than I expected, so that's nice.

Silver Lance second draft is giving me troubles. I suspect it's because I tried to be clever with the timeline, but I'll grit my teeth and push through it. 

So, lots of stuff to be getting on with. Have a lovely break everybody!

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