Book Trailer, ParaYourNormal Radio Show & Independent Author Network

What have I been doing? Stuff. :)

My Independent Author Network page is up. Isn't it lovely? I'm having a look at profiles and I'm loving the variety. What it's value is to me as an Indie, only time will tell.

I got more amazing feedback on Demon Day. One reader has sent me a three page PDF with her comments and insights into the story. I swear, my fans constantly surprise me. 

I am sooo behind on my book reviews. I have about six to do o_o. I'm off work from Thursday, so I'll do them then before I totter off to Isle of White for my yearly four day torture session craftily hidden under the guise of 'family bonding'.

My new website is up too. I needed another space apart from, which is great for that series, but limited. I am confident self-promotion is as important as book promotion, so I'm going to start doing things with future works in view. Check it out, I quite like it ... it's very me;

Oh, I have a book trailer to share with you from Tymothy Longoria writer of The Stories (I love the way his first name is spelt ... things like this delight me). The trailer is very simple and to the point ... and there is some cool artwork in there too (which actually reminded me of my Clerics and their red hoods). Follow him on Twitter, and he has a Facebook page. There is also a website which has some incredible artwork. It's always good to look around and see the success of others.

Tomorrow is my live radio show with ParaYourNormal. Of course there may be crickets on the airways, lol. No, it will be fun. *cough* There is a chance to win one of three eBook packs. Demon Girl and Demon Day ARC! There are entries already so it's all good. I think that will be it giveaway wise for Demon Day, so just post on the PYN blog if you'd like a shot at winning.  

I have another Indie Author Interview for you tomorrow, but until then, love ya (I have consumed way much too much sugar this afternoon via Pepsi cans, lol, but the love is genuine).

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