Outstanding Fan Illustrations

A lovely young woman named Dionne emailed me via my website a while ago to offer congratulations on my book, and that she would like to do some illustrations on it. I replied (as I do) with my thanks and a bit of my normal ramblings. 

Then she actually started emailing me pictures. Gobsmacked. She is a third year Illustration student, and a tattoo artist, and her stuff so far is amazing.

Dionne has set herself a goal of drawing one abstract illustration per chapter for The Demon Girl. The first is drawing of chapter one (which she is revising), but I love how intense it is. The forest is vibrant but dark too. The little green fairy wings are styled on the flowers in the forest, and I love how it's kind of psychedelic ... almost like how the fairies see the world in my book. Here is an extract of Rae describing the forest in demon territory;

"The air was heavy with a piquant scent that fizzed on my tongue. The silhouette of trees taller than any I’d seen rose high in the sky, and a few stars winked out of sight. I’m not a botanist, so all I can say is that there were plants. A big orgy of red, blues and purples scattered everywhere. The breeze was crisp and made everything sway in orderly chaos. The buzzing of insect and restless whining of beast punctured the dawn in harmonic beat."

In the second drawing we can see WIP depictions for chapter two. Just look at those fangs! We also have a female on the ground in the forest ... Tomas meeting Rae anyone?

"He flashed me a smile, and his chalky lips framed pearly fangs flanked by two smaller canines. They had run right out as he’d touched me. For a moment I was overcome. I stared at them, the spiky tips resting on his lower lip, a startling shade of ruby red. Everyone knew vampire fangs ran out when they were mad or bloodlusty. Which was he?"

I know you're thinking, "How can ruby red be chalky"? Well it can, since I was thinking of that satiny, filmy, texture the surface chalk has over the color of ruby red ... and Dionne has captured that.

As she progresses we'll get to see more of the characters (the demons) and I can't wait to see what she produces. If you want more commentary from Dionne on her interpretation of my world you can check out her Blog or her for her other work her Website.

A side note my reviews in Amazon US are kicking ass right now, and I will be blogging about the release of my novella Lunar Light soon.

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  1. Thank you so much for the many complements. I just hope I can keep capturing this world how you have written it!
    Loved this! :)