Author Interview with Nicole MacDonald

You guys know me – head always stuck in a story – so my latest resolution to interview fellow Indie Authors shouldn't come as much of a surprise. I stumbled upon a book that really struck a chord with me in the Kindle store. The imagination of the author had me so in awe I drummed up the courage to contact her for my first interview, and imagine my excitement when she said yes! So here's my interview with Nicole MacDonald author of The Arrival.

What was the last thing you found hysterically funny?
Despicable Me – the minions and the little girl, Agnes; 'IT'S SO FLUFFY!'

If you had to choose, read or write, which would it be?
Probably write. It used to be read but the voices in my head won't shut-up till I'm done *sigh* So my 'to be read' list is taking a lot longer than normal.

Can you reveal a bit about how you write? Is it a non-stop three-week extravaganza down in the basement with microwavable snacks and only the blink of your computer screen to keep you company? Or do you sensibly meet a set word count everyday and take healthy breaks away from the desk?
Both those options sound great *grin* and it is a bit of both. I do find it very hard to resist net surfing while I'm typing so most my typing is done on my battered old Toshiba laptop - it has no net access ;p. I often have reruns of Buffy playing in the background as I type.  At the moment I'm aiming to get the first draft for Awakening (working title) done by the end of Feb so I'm working on the 'head down' thing.

Would you consider yourself a plot or character driven writer?
Both but a strong plot is essential to me. The trilogy has some pretty major twists and turns in it and without a good plot in place I'd screw it up. That said the characters often choose their own ways of getting to those plot points.

The cover is lovely - moody and offbeat. Can you tell us a bit about how you went about designing and creating it?
A fellow blogger Keary Taylor (author of the Fallen Angels series) offered to help and we messed around with a few different styles that were great but not quite right. Keary is insanely gifted even though she refers to herself as an amateur. But she created 5-7 concepts in less than a week.  I was in complete awe! Then it occurred to me that I should go for what I love - bush or forest. Here in New Zealand we're surrounded by it so it's very important to me. Also the girls arrive in a forest and the first fight scene is in one. So I wanted an 'enchanted forest' look but dark. Then Keary sent through what is now the cover. And I love it!

Can you give us a summary on what The Arrival, book one of the Birthright Trilogy is about?
Four friends who become frustrated with the dating scene. They decide on a bit of a whim to cast a spell to find their 'soulmates' and what do you know, it works!  Just not in the way they ever envisioned. They wake in a strange forest on a strange world and suddenly have the of fight their lives on their hands. Battling against horrific creatures, discovering gifts they never knew they had and then the appearance of four hunky guys. These girls will never be the same!

So, the story follows four kick ass young women who decide they're done waiting for love to find them and set about seizing it for themselves. How did you come up with the idea?
I met my soulmate a month before I turned 19 and it was a bit of a shock. I'd been rather determined to stay single till I was at least 25 and he really threw a spanner into those plans. So one day I thought I'd have fun and re-write the story the way I wanted it. Then my kinda kooky imagination took hold of it and it zoomed off to a place totally unexpected and I ended up with the rough plot of the BirthRight Trilogy.

The romance in the book is relatable and endearing despite the out-of-this-world situations. Did you base any interactions on personal experience?
Yes. It is very much based on what it felt like as a determinedly independent young woman meeting her soulmate. The struggle between the two leads is based on what it felt like to me.  Not easy, but totally worth it.

Can you give us a feel for the themes we can expect in book two, Awaken?
An even more intense ride than The Arrival, actually it makes book one look easy in comparison. Book two is darker and far more 'adult' as the girls begin to realise their lives have been forever altered. More incredible creatures, more action scenes and an even bigger climax that will lead into the last book of the trilogy.

I hear there will be sex in the next book ... how is that coming along? ;)
Fine…. *blush* I'm working on it.... It does feel rather weird to write intimate scenes about characters that seem like friends (I SO don't want to know what they're doing behind that door!!) but I'll get over it *grin*.

Thank you for sharing Nicole, loving your style.

The Arrival is out now to download from the Kindle Store (US/UK). You can read my review of the book here at Goodreads. If you want to know more you can contact Nicole via her BirthRight Trilogy website or her blog Damsel in a Dirty Dress (loving that name as much as I am?).


  1. *excited squeal* loving this!! Thank you so much :) I really enjoyed doing this *grin*

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  7. Hi Aislinn!!

    Yep you should go and have a look. It was a great story and i can't wait for the next one to come out.

    it was on Amazon for $0.99c the other day as a digital copy.

    Had a quick look at your blog, will pop back when i get home today..


    oh and Clarissa/Nicole.... *Cringe* yep not my favorite thing.... i think some sugestive glances and slipping out the side door or back in again to wolf whistles will just about


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    Sex scenes are fun ... and good ones do get you a bit hot under the collar. I find myself looking over my shoulder on occasion to make sure my boyfriend isn't looking though in case he gets any ideas ;)

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