Indie Author, I am One

How many of you adorable readers (well, my readers are adorable anyway) are aware that when reading eBooks there is a strong chance you'll pick up/buy one from an Independent Author (meaning they don't belong to a Publishing House)?

These Authors have to do the following with no financial or creative support (unless they go and pay the big bucks to freelance professionals for it of course).

  • The Manuscript (obviously – I roll my eyes at myself)
  • Copy-editing/Proof-reading
  • Manuscript Formatting
  • eBook Cover Design/Paperrback & Hardback Book Jacket
  • Book Blurb & Hook
  • Distribution
  • Website Design, Build and Management
  • Promotion - arranging blog reviews, press releases, merchandise, etc
  • Marketing - advertisements, free book giveaways
  • Profile Building
  • Fan Correspondence & Social Networking

And a multitude of other things that I won't mention since we would be here all day. And they have to deal with pitching their novels against books that are plastered all over the place in big marketing campaigns and get bolstered by reviews from national newspapers or magazines with prime placement on chain bookstore shelves. And they have to be writing their next book. And they have to still be dealing with rejection from agents who still don't want to take a chance on them even when they have a small readership. And they probably all work a stressful 9 to 5's (like me) so that general life can go on and they can fund their writing addiction (trust me, it is an addiction). 

That is a lot and 'ands' people!

Being an Indie Author is like working another full time job at times, because you have to be everything to everybody. You have to be a die hard lover of the written word or you won't survive it (yes, I am that dramatic).

My main downfall is promotion. I'm not an in your face personality, and I couldn't sell a box full of real £50 notes for a penny if I tried. But if I did want to heavily market and promote I know there would be major financial and emotional limitations to what I could achieve.

Trying to be traditionally published is like pushing a purple elephant that the Maharaja didn't want through a carnival guarded by an army with riot shields. So you dress your elephant up and you kick it though that door and hope it will knock down all the majestic gray elephants that were considered more beautiful and hope the Maharaja who rejected it will take notice. Of course your purple elephant may get shot by poachers. But there is a chance it will be worshiped by the citizens, and put in a lovely wildlife preserve. Allowing you to be free of the Maharaja.*

What was the point of this blog post? I've forgotten since I'm writing it at stupid o'clock – suffering a bout of insomnia – but interpret it any way that pleases you.

*For those not understanding my symbolic references;

Purple Elephant = Indie Novel
Gray Elephant = Traditionally Published Novel
Carnival = Book Market
Maharaja = Publishing house 
Poachers = Bad Reviews 
Army = Literary Agents
Riot Shields = Submission Guidelines
Citizens = Readers
Wildlife Preserve =  A Praised Novel


  1. Girlie, you've hit the nail on its flat head with this post. I'm an indie author and I'm everything and the last defense for my book. No one will care/read/ or promote it if I don't make the first move.

    I think all indie authors should come together in one unified front and help promote each other. At least that way we'd have more time to write.


  2. So true! Indie's do support each other to a degree, but there could be so much more cross promotion and advice offered!

  3. I am volunteering to help edit your next book for free...
    I see the inspiration behind your stories and truly loved The Demon Girl. Just think of the possibilites!?!

    Andrea Smith

  4. I'm just stopping by because I can across your book on smashwords. I was thinking of reviewing it for my blog. Now after stopping by here I definitely will :) I'll send you a link to the review once I do it. I should read it with in the next two weeks :)


  5. Hi Andrea, I'm collecting Beta readers for the second book, it's so brilliant. I may just take you up on that offer!

    Melissa, I had a look around on your blog, great stuff, I would be honored if you would write me a review. Please do let me know once you've completed it so I can blog, tweet and facebook it :)

  6. Anonymous27.1.11

    Just finished demon girl andreally enjoyed it. The only downside was some of spelling syntax and spelling. I think you could definitely go further with a little more proofing. Would love to take a look at your next book if you'd like.

  7. Keep fighting the good fight! Your hard work will pay off in the end- you have a great storyline, wonderful characters, and an amazing talent for painting pictures with words. Not to mention a rapidly-growing fan base! Life is supposed to be hard... if it wasn't, no one would have any character! Hang in there, and keep going forward. I'm looking forward to reading your next novel!

  8. Once again I give you all my praise for The Demon Girl. I could help with some promotion I am up to about 400 views a day on my blog not many I admit, but it is new, and by profession I am an Internet Marketing seriously that is my job title... so any day now people will take notice of my book addiction, and read my reviews! I will be a beta reader if you like... :D And if a beta reader is like getting an ARC I may even beg a little too!

  9. I agree with many of the posts, proofreading is needed. I am a 50 y/o male and I have to say, it was quite enjoyable. Some areas were difficult to follow, but for the most part, it kept my attention. At first I thought I would read it to see if it was to mature for our 12 y/o daughter, in my opinion, there was very little suggestivenes in the mature nature. Other than a few wording and misspelling issues, I give you a 3.5 out of a 4 star rating. I know being an independent writer holding down a full time job has to be tough. Hang in there, great things will come. I wouldn't mind proofreading to help you out as well. I wish you the best. Good day from the U S A. Mark Maths