Kindle Edition: The Demon Girl

The Revised Digital Edition of The Demon Girl is back in the Kindle Store. The price fluctuates between free and £2.21/$2.99. At the moment it's free, so if you have a Kindle, indulge me ;) I downloaded it to check the formatting and was surprised that this time you can navigate to the "Book Extras" section and view cool information from Shelfari (Kindle for iPhone screenshots to the left). There are a brief bio's on the book characters, a glossary of terms, a super short synopsis, memorable quotes, and an advisory note for parents detailing the levels of violence and sexual references. There's even a series tab, so once the other books are published readers can download in a few clicks. The reviews in the US store never picked up before I removed it, but the UK was better, which surprised me ... overall 90% of my bad reviews come from Amazon. Maybe (fingers crossed) it'll go smoother this time around.


  1. Anonymous18.12.10

    A good read. I recently downloaded Demon Girl to my Nook reader; in fact it was my first e-book I read on it. Even though I am not in your 'target' audience, I have been reading sci-fi/fantasy books for over 40 yrs. I enjoyed the story, and look forward to the next chapter in Rae's life. My only criticism, and it is minor, is I would love to see the characters and the world they live in fleshed out in more detail. I think there is potential here for several more books. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you still enjoyed the book though it may not have been to your particular tastes. A few people have mentioned they would like to have more world building and character back story. It's something I am keeping at the fore front of my mind when writing the sequel. Thanks for reading and coming here to comment!

  3. Anonymous27.12.10

    I'm not usually one to comment on a story or offer advice but i just finished your book The Demon Girl and I'm anxiously awaiting the next one. I found the story to be immensely engrossing and love Rae to death. There were some parts of the book that were hard to follow though. Sections of the story jumped around a little too much, without any transition between them. As others have said, I think more background information and character building would help the reader to better understand and enjoy the world you've created. Another point I just have to add is that some of the grammar didn't make sense. I could be misunderstanding what you try to say at times but I think much of it may have been simple typos. I only mention it because it distracted from the story itself when I had to reread a sentence to understand what it said. I mean all of these suggestions in the best way possible as I truely hope to be seeing a sequel soon. Hopefully one that's even stronger and more compelling than the first!

  4. Beth B.28.12.10

    I, too, just downloaded your book for my Nook. You have a very interesting story setup here with great potential. I also have to agree on the building of the characters/story/setting. Other than that, you've definitely got something wonderful. The few typos got a little distracting, but didn't keep me from finishing!

  5. Hello Anon person :) Thank you for taking the time to comment, especially around the holiday season.

    The transition from chapter 9 to 10 was pretty jarring since the rest of the book followed Rae from the moment she woke at dawn to dawn the next morning, but I didn't want the book to be filled with fluff (things like travelling from destination to destination) so anything that I as a reader would have skimmed, I took out.

    Backstory is something that has to be in book two, otherwise too many people would get lost, but there won't be a lot of it. It's really not my style to hand hold people and my writing is no different.  I didn't want to start getting into the specifics of how the world was created, because the book would take on a different tone. Its a character driven story where it is all about Rae, how she sees the world.
    With all that was going on, she didn't have time to go into specifics of why the world was what it was. It was her life and she was used to it.

    I'm not sure where you downloaded your version from. There are currently two versions out. The version copy-edited by me (which is the one with mistakes) an the one that has been cleaned up by a copy-editor. That one is taking a while to filter down distribution systems (Xmas and all) but if you come across it download (it's free) so you can enjoy again should you wish.

    The way I structure sentences is nuts at times, but (sorry for the cheesy saying) welcome to my world!

    Hope to hear from you again after the sequel. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

  6. Hiya Beth. Thank you for commenting, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I do understand about the backstory thing ... I'm really relieved the story was good enough that most who read it did not abandon it when they realised the style was different than what they were used to and then didn't allow themselves to get too bogged down by typos they found (that issue is nearly sorted). Hopefully I'll get to hear from you again soon about A Demon Day. Have a Happy New Year.

  7. Anonymous30.12.10

    I just finished Demon Girl and have to say that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!! I have downloaded several free books to the iBooks app and been consistently disappointed by their lack of depth and character.

    Yes, there were a few typos, but your knack for creating a nearly-tangible backdrop for your thoroughly likable (and hate-able) characters overshadowed any mistake.

    You are a talented new writer and I look toward to Demon Day and wish you the best of luck in what I am sure will be a bright and creative future!

  8. Anonymous30.12.10

    Hi, I just finished The Demon Girl and I loved it. I downloaded this book on the iBook store for free and decided to give it a try. I am definitely getting the second book and I hope for more up coming books in that series! (:


  9. Anonymous2.1.11

    Hi there,

    I posted a review at I know you have been "abused" over there and while I didn't give you 5 stars, I still gave you 4 and hopefully gave you a little boost. Honestly, I don't typically judge star ratings against a person ESPECIALLY if the book is free. I might if I was having to pay for the book.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the book and would love to know what authors might have influenced you? Also, when might Demon Day be released? I'm not even sure when Demon Girl was released so it may be premature asking that question. :)

    Well, good luck to you! Keep it up and I look forward to your future works! :)


  10. Anonymous5.1.11

    I loved The Demon Girl !! I can't wait for the next one to come out!! Keep up the awesome work!! I am a fan already and have been telling my daughter and her friends as well as mine to read it! So anxious to read the next one.... :)

  11. Jenn, It's true I'm getting beaten up big time at, so thank you for taking the time to post a review. A Demon Day is most probably going to be released in June, but possibly later or earlier depending on how the review process goes. I am going to be much more careful with the copy-editing stage this time! Since I plan to charge about 49-99 pence for the sequel I'm aiming for perfection. I'll hopefully make up the losses for the copy-editing with the digital sales. I'm influenced by so many different authors, I can honestly say that I find each one has something that appeals to me. I read urban fantasy the most but I've read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (a fantasy epic) a stupid amount of times. I think the writing styles that appeal to me most are Charlaine Harris and Norah Roberts. For dramatic structure Stacia Kane wins hands down, and for description and world building the award has to go to Robert Jordan.

    Chloe, everybody ... thank you all so much for leaving such high praise! :) Do recommend to any family and friends, I want to get my work out there.

    I hope to hear from you all again after the sequel!