Film Review: Let Me In

The Gist: Cute but deadly vampire girl who moves like a spider monkey, moves to a boring apartment block, and gets close to a bullied human boy.
My favorite line: "Would you still like me... even if I wasn't a girl?" (Abbey)

Chloe Moretz. I love her to pieces. At first it was like, blah, she's Hit-Girl, and this isn't going to work. How wrong I was.

That vampire (Abbey) is a freak.

The film was shot beautifully, and the DOP deserves the tip of a hat (I don't wear hats, so if you do, give it a go). My favorite shot is when Abbey emerges from the bathroom in an oversized dress, drenched in blood then hugs Owen tenderly from behind, resting her head on his shoulder as he stares into the middle distance. There are no words, but you can almost hear her saying "Sorry, you had to see, that, forgive me." Simply stunning.

There are some serious issues exposed too. The bulling of Owen (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee), in this film is unreal. I did not like that kid who bullied him. I couldn't help but think "Ha. Poetic freaking justice!" when he got torn apart at the end (and I mean torn apart…even that was shot wonderfully). He causes physical and psychological damage to Owen, for no reason apart from trying to transfer the pain he feels from his older brother bullying him. You quickly understand the almost "serial killer in the making scene" Owen does half naked with a mask, and knife at the beginning.

It wasn’t scary. It was chilling, but somehow left you feeling decidedly warm at the end. The boy was close to breaking point, and this girl he goes “steady” with brings him to life, even though he knows she’s evil.

I suggest you go see it if you want a hard dose of reality when it comes to vampires.

Director: Matt Reeves
Running Time: 116 min

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