The Word Count & BFI Film Festival & Hitchcock's Psycho

A longer than usual post for me, since I have loads to rave about. Sunday went and saw the original Psycho (1960) at the Empire in Leicester Square. I'd never seen it before, and found it brilliant (I admit I laughed at the penultimate scene, but come on, it was filmed 50 years ago). The musical score truly is iconic, and it was cool to see it on the big screen, even if it was 9am.

The good bit about yesterday, had a great time at the BFI London Film Festival with MissEmmaJames, and saw a crazy complicated film about a four-way relationship between two French couples. Yes, it was subtitled. Yes, I had the only seven foot Londoner seated in front of me blocking the subtitles. No, I don't speak French. Its called a 'Happy Few' directed by Antony Cordier. Very sexy and awkward. Best scene: all four romp on the floor covered in flour (

The bad bit about yesterday, eh, crashed a sleep and missed all the tweeting about The Word Count Podcast by R.B. Wood ( So, I listened to it at 5am this morning when I woke up, and wow! I was freakishly excited to hear the work of the other writers and poets, the line up looked diverse to say the least. And I was not disappointed. Yes, you have to suffer my dulcet tones for a few minutes, reading an extract from my new eBook The Demon Girl, but still, check it out;  

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