That is the word that springs to mind. I started querying my first completed MS and have only received one reply that actually taught me something. One. Agents are the gatekeepers and the thought is terrifying. Three of my queries were read and rejected within less than a day. Less. Than. A. Day. Eeeek! This hints at three things. One, my query was so good they had to read it immediately since it positively glowed in their inbox compared to the other hundreds they had received, but the proposal was not right for them. Two, it was so terrible a query the reader clicked, laughed then showed some friends, and laughed some more then decided it would be cruel to waste my time. Three, the Agent is ruthlessly up to date with their slush-pile.

Fellow authors, do you see the problem? Has this happened to anyone else, the scary fast query response? What does it mean?

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