eBook Review: The Keeping by Nicky Charles

The Gist: Quirky girl goes to small town to investigate a reclusive photographer, who is a werewolf. They lock lips and pelvises. He bites her by accident and she becomes a werewolf and they get together after a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

Favorite Line: "Who did this person think he was, to not only strike an Alpha, but touch his female as well?"

This book entertained in fits and starts. A slow beginning and it seemed to take ages for Ryne (the book hunk) and Melody (the leading lady) to meet. Worse, Melody seemed...a little slow. But then, boom, the passion and intricate relationship between the leading couple was hot like fire, and the bar sex scene had me jumping my boyfriend bones. My thumb protested loudly the next day, for I sat for five hours straight flicking through the pages on my iPhone, unable to stop reading. Nicky can work a plotline and her characterizations are fresh and original. I will be backtracking and reading her previous work, The Mating.

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