eBook Review: Black Silk by Jan Gordon

The Gist: Plain-Jane-paranormal-book-lover-protagonist falls for gorgeous-were-panther-guy, who saves her from a crazy-ass-junkie-stalker who wants to kill her, since she witnessed him robbing a gas station.

Favorite Line: “Oh my God, I had sex with a cat!”

Nice read. At one point I thought, where is this going? Then the plot kicked in and I was absorbed. This tale had some non clich├ęd tid bits about were-panthers I’ve never read before. It was a slow meander through the legend of the Were, with a dollop of sex and a cup of predictability. Saying that, Gordon’s writing drew vivid images in my mind. At no point was I fumbling in the dark, or using my own imagination to ‘fill in blanks’.

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